Support And Make Friends With Fellow Romance Writers


It feels much better than the previous two versions and I think it’ll satisfy my readers a great deal more.


Hi! Hope you all don’t mind me coming in so late :sweat_smile:


Oh the pleasure of satisfying your readers <3


No worries everyone is always welcome at anytime :joy:


Soooo what kind of romance do you guys write??


I write a lot of different kinds. I have a rom-com some fantasy related, currently an adventure romance and a NAVY wife romance. I have a dark romance about a bad thing that happened to me. There’s a few XD


Oooh that sounds interesting!! I’m currently doing my first official romance book, although all my stories have romance in them.


Haiii! how are you?^•^


I’m doing good. Just writing and about to reupload my second chapter of my novel.


Haiii! I am good. Thank you! How are you?


These sound really good. I want to read them😃


That’s good. What is your novel about?


It’s my spiritual memoirs about my connection with my husband for the last year.


That sounds interesting^•^


I’m watching 21 Jump Street and I can’t believe I’ve never seen it before :joy::joy::joy:


Congrats on starting your first official romance <3


I’m doing well, I need to get more writing done today but I have to take my dog to the vet and I’m playing sims to pass the time.


Thank you so much, I’m glad they sound good. I’m hoping to post my military one soon. :slight_smile:


@StuartCampbell5 Would that be the movie or the 1980s TV series?

@Vintaginity Hope your pup is OK and it’s just a routine visit!

Me, I’m just passing the second half of a slow Friday at the office - doing some story outlining while I get my work done! :grin:


Pets come first o.o I hope your dog is okay