Survey: Tell us what writing tools would help you!


The StoryDNA team at Wattpad HQ wants to survey writers about what type of tools or help they ask for when writing their story. :partying_face: We will use the results of this survey to inform us about what will be the right tools to build to support our Wattpad writers as they write. If you want to help us learn what we should build next as a writing tool, fill in this form :point_right:

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filled it out


I just did the survey and it’s got me super excited for the future of Wattpad!! I’ve been here seven years through its ups and downs and I feel like this would really be a good change… As long as it doesn’t bring along a tonne of new bugs XD


Well, the thing with “comparing your writing to bestselling novels” can be kinda counterproductive. I certainly don’t want my work to be compared to things like The Mortal Instruments even though it’s bestselling. I’d probably feel better if I could compare it to things I find the best in the genre.


Survey’s been completed, and even if i’m a very small writer (who’s been told is actually alright) i’m looking forward to what the future holds and what this survey entails. This survey was aimed entirely on improving the writing experience at the individual level, which is something i struggled with for a while, so, naturally, i’m glad.


For the question on the number of completed stories, I choose based off of the number of works I’ve completed over the years, however none of those are published on Wattpad. I have only one work currently published on Wattpad and it is on-going.

Did I answer correctly? Or was it looking more for how many completed works I have on Wattpad?


gosh darn it I just want a digital thesaurus/dictionary/list of descriptive, action, and emotional words.

without having to go to another website.


No kidding. I have to scour Pinterest, then zoom in. I mean…an old fashioned book would be great. But who has those anymore?


plus they’re e x p e n s i v e -
i love books, but they add up fast.


I need a search/substitute tool in the writing page :joy:


They are and the space they take.

I’ve gone to the library, checked out books, took notes and typed them up on here. That’s good for keeping the words in my head but a pain in the butt.


oof that’s a really good idea
i might make a wattpad resource book with this stuff XD


Yeah; I agree that comparisons would be way more useful if the writer can choose what they want their story compared to. It would be cool to be able to pick specific stories, but making every book ever published available for comparison seems unfeasible.

Maybe there could be a few Wattpad-specific filters? I’d be interested to see options like: “Compare to stories with a similar audience,” (pulled from your story’s demographics), “Compare to most-read/voted/commented stories in my genre,” “Compare to stories that share [most of] the same tags,” or “Compare to other stories my followers are reading.”




I filled the survey, and it was fun :smiley: I wonder what changes it will bring, but I’m looking forward to them :heart:


All i want it to be able to upload a document directly from my computer to wattpad to export from Scrivener or word




So take your Wattpad story and also download it or export it into Docs or Word?


I’m talking about uploading my document straight from word to wattpad instead of copying and pasting it into wattpad as word is a better writing processer than wattpad