Survey: Tell us what writing tools would help you!


I just filled this out, I hope tools come! I would love beta readers for example or people to just explain my story to.
I feel like lately the community is a little disconnected from each other, I remember years ago I would have people offer to edit or read my story before I publish the chapter. I had people giving feedback that was nice and constructive.
I love the new changes as well, but I miss the push of improving rather than using the same cliches in their stories.
I hope these new tools help with that


Was are names and why we write really necessary for this survey. :expressionless:


These new tools are an absolute must. I wouldn’t have to have a zillion and one windows open at a time while I write.

Praise Jesus someone is thinking in HQ.




Sis, it’s a must!


Honestly, after having some time to think about it, I feel like a grammar and spelling checker would up the quality of Wattpad books sooooo much. There are so many non-native English Wattpad writers (and before anyone says anything - I am not bashing them; I am bilingual myself and a fan of learning other languages) who have stories written where I can barely get past the first line or two even though the idea is amazing. Not only would it help them get their message(s) across to the readers, but it would also help them improve their English skills. A win-win for everyone!

(unless, of course, they don’t use Wattpad in English xD But a lot of people learning a language, when they know enough words, do use apps in that language)


Hmm. Interesting.There’s a development in the online writing market going on here. Kind of experiencing déjà vu with the survey. XD.

Nice going in identifying some key marketing opportunities. If you can bridge the lonely and silence gap prevalent in online writing, you’ll be leading the pack. I’m all for you doing it. Very reassuring to see WP wanting to further invest in the stories submitted to the site. It’s an exciting development. I’m on faith that WP will treat their authors as partners in this sort of program :grin:

Good luck.


I just cut and paste. From Word. I’m not sure uploading would be any easier, unless you’re using your phone or some other device other than your computer.


yes, if there is someway to solve the problem presented by a lot of silence on Wattpad, that would be great


Perhaps what is needed is a team of people who have experience in writing to a certain level before they offer this.




I really don’t want to fill out the form (I’m lazy) but I would recommend Grammarly. Like, duh.




I have Grammarly but it still advertises to me :expressionless:


Fr? They do use a lot of ads, even when you have it already. :laughing:


It’s like “Bro, stop selling to me, I already know you’ve helped my ass improve”


IKR. Like - thank you so much for helping me - wait … stop I already have you - dude fr stop - wtf.



I thumb up the YouTube adds in hopes it will eventually appease them (I know this just pushes them towards me more)






can’t stop relating, my dude