Sweet Disposition :)

Hi dearests, thanks for stumbling on here. How are you? From where have you been drawing strength from in this season? I’ve been writing, listening to music, reminiscing of times past and wondering about the future.

Here’s a playlist I have on most days. The first song is precious, what books are you reading? :slight_smile:


I don’t read… Mainly because I find it hard, I write a lot though. Have three books out that I work on one more than the other two at the moment.

My strength to write comes from listening to musical songs, Disney songs anything uplifting because my books are quite down and upsetting at some points.


Aww, nice! I understand what you mean, I sometimes get overwhelmed too (with reading) so instead I put pen to paper ( and write). Wording whatever I’m feeling, if only to breathe out the unsaid words in me. And I’m glad music gives you heart.

Ps: my major work on Wattpad is pretty down & somber too.

Broken Ace_80|800x666

I use pen and paper too. Move my main book to it, every now and again. I’m on the Tenth chapter online and the third on paper.

My books is a mix of down and romance. The current WIP, is about a girl who dreams of becoming an author but her disability has held her back due to her parents disbelief in her. Now she’s in LA, with friends she goes into an agreed marriage with her friends son just to get her goal… Only to fall in love with him.

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Interesting! I hope I get around sampling them. I have a couple, one of which is actually complete, just editing, it’s about a teenage girl who treads through a series of tragedies in her lifeline and she’s got to figure out how to stay sane and will her way to overcome everything. It’s written in third person.

The current WIP is based on real life, it’s been intriguing to work on.

Anyway, how’s your day going? Or is it night ? Time difference is fickle.

It’s afternoon for me now.

Yes, it is loosely based on Real life, real life illness with a story behind it that isn’t truly real!

I am only able to focus on my books, my characters and my current obsessions. I don’t really get a lot of what some people say in and because I can’t read a book fully it’s hard.

What about you?

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It’s evening here, I’m getting settled for a warm shower and dinner.
That’s cool and relatable, most writers draw inspiration from experience and such.
Sorry about not being able to read fully, I often try to, it gives perspective and context, especially for the deep, intriguing reads. No pressure though.

Hope your afternoon is going well, do take care :slight_smile:

My book is based on RL experiences with a twist to it

I have a lot of experienced to draw from :woman_facepalming:

Awesome:) you should make the most of it :heart:

I’m planning on finishing chapter 10 within the next week or so

That way I have time to plan my other books

cool, I’m rooting for you :slight_smile:

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