Syndicate questions

Can someone tell me if syndication publishing is legit or not and if they do advances?

Give an example. I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

Oh! Do you mean selling a comic into syndication? Yes, that’s real. All the comic you read in your Sunday funny papers are syndicated.


Give me an example. I have no idea how novels get syndicated.

They just said novels/books. Nothing else.

Who is they? I’ve never heard of syndicating a novel – only columns and comic strips.

do they do advances?

I doubt it, but I have no idea.

What I can infer from their site and a little Google-fu:

  • They don’t syndicate novels. A lot of their books are collections of syndicated materials.
  • They publish relatively few novels. Most of their books are nonfiction with a conservative bent.
  • They have crappy, crappy covers.
  • They do an unethical trick on Amazon. To make their books more visible, they put them in small unrelated categories or in barely-related categories. (For example, there’s a novel where the guy works in a vegetarian restaurant, so they put the book in the vegetarian cookbook category.)

My guess is they are 100% digital. No bookstores. NOTHING you couldn’t do yourself.

I, personally, wouldn’t touch them with a 10-ft pole.


okay thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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Quick question when they say 3-4 strips per page is usually fine does it have to be that or can it be less?

If they’ve approached you on wattpad, I’d be really careful. It’s generally forbidden, that publishers reach out to you like this, but a lot of scams have been happening lately.

No clue, but I’d follow their instructions to the letter.

I found them

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It’s still against wattpad’s guidelines xD but at least they seem to be legit.

Not on here google

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No, that’s not what I meant. If you get approached through wattpad, it’s against the guidelines. That’s the only problem I see here ^^

Well lol that never happened

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