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Group Trailer Thread?


P A Y M E N T // E X A M P L E S // F O R M

Title Name Type Status
1. The Only Exception @tolkiens Trailer Accepted
2. I’m Only Human @brookieismyname Teaser Accepted


P A Y M E N T // E X A M P L E S // F O R M

Title Name Type Status
1. White Lies @rkaspen Ship Accepted / PAYMENT PENDING
2. A Game of Survival @tellsbooks Teaser Accepted


P A Y M E N T // E X A M P L E S // F O R M

Title Name Type Status
1. If I Died @SpaCed-0ut Trailer Accepted/ PAYMENT PENDING
2.The Hunt @Shiann_Taylor Character Accepted / PAYMENT PENDING
3. The Great Game @sammurphy3 Story Accepted
4. Break Away @XOXOQueen72 Trailer Accepted / PAYMENT PENDING


This thread is now open to requests :black_heart:


Trailer Form
Story{} Couple{} Character{x}
Title: H A U N T E D
Author: DemonixBeauty
Genre/Mood: scary, paranormal, really frightening
Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) He looks scared, maybe audio of whispering in the start of the video before the audio starts, him crying or closing his eyes , and then through the video creepy videos oh ghostly apparitions and him being effected by it
Text: Brought back from death // another chance at life // death has a claim on his soul // and it won’t let go
Clips/Youtube Playlist: https://pastebin.com/raw/bGQ35Ssi (scary clips)
https://pastebin.com/raw/Yz0eAyFh (Matthew Daddario videos)
Face Claims: Matthew Daddario
Song: Afraid by The Neighborhood as of right now!

I would love if @poisonlilac could do this because it’s a frightening more “edgy” video and that seems to fit her aesthetic, but I’m okay with any of the designers who would be okay with it picking it up!


Trailer Form
Story{} Couple{} Character{x}
Title: Addict
Author: Demonixbeauty
Genre/Mood: sad and depressing
Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) Elijah gets abducted, and fed a new breed of drugs. They start wrecking havoc on his body and mind, making it so his hands don’t work and he can’t trust himself. The cravings get to him and all he wants is more.
For video, scenes filled with videos of him being forced drugs (Spencer Reid scenes from Criminal Minds would work great for this as long as you don’t get too many clips of the face) Than clips of Eddie Redmayne from The Theory of Everything where his hands shake and he’s seen getting weaker and weaker and getting more frustrated and sad
Text: maybe just lines from the song medicine appearing on the screen as it plays “You could go home, escape it all, “ It’s just medicine, It’s just medicine“, “You’ve got a warm heart, You’ve got a beautiful brain, But it’s disintegrating, From all the medicine” these are the important lyrics, so whenever they play in the song if you could have them appear on the screen in white cursive writing?
Clips/Youtube Playlist: https://pastebin.com/raw/gkn1ntq7
Face Claims: Eddie Redmayne
Song: Medicine- Daughter
Preferred Designer: @carpe-di3m ! I’ve been following your trailers for awhile and you just do sad so well


Trailer Form


Story{} Couple{x} Character{}

Title: Hexed

Author: Minxatious

Genre/Mood: Dark, seductive, dangerous and sad. Also if you could have the filters over the clips and the writing and such a dark emerald green? My characters are both in Slytherin and I wanted to portray that!

Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) The first clip I want is of Dove putting on her uniform 0:24-0:29. Then, HERE is a short gif I made , that I want to be the next part where she walks in and they look at each other. Those clips are included in the pastebin below as well, this was just to give you an idea. From there I want clips of him being sad and her helping him, maybe some kissing scenes here and there. The bathroom scene where he’s crying is a BIG one! For the end 1:57-2:08 video of him being scared, pulled away and running down the stairs and 0:19-0:23 and this video of her screaming and crying [2:00-2:05]

Text: For Minx Deveraux, starting school at Hogwarts after being kicked out of Beauxbatons was the worst thing that happened to her. Then, she met Draco Malfoy.

With his troubled eyes and saddened smile, Minx can’t help but be drawn into his web of secrets and the darkness that lies in his heart. When she finds out the truth, will she run, or will Draco finally find his match in the girl of darkness?

Clips/Youtube Playlist: https://pastebin.com/raw/E82uNPnK

Face Claims: Dove Cameron and Tom Felton

Song: https://youtu.be/9_EvN5n5xwE (1:38- 2:40 don’t include this part please, I DONT like her solo)

Designer of choice: @brookieismyname is my first choice! I’ve seen her YouTube channel and she’s done a lot of fan fiction sort of videos and they are amazing! Not to mention you have an Agents of Shield one, and I’m using Dove Cameron’s clips in Agent of Sheild as Ruby Hale so I thought you could do this video some justice! :slight_smile:


@Minxatious & @DemonixBeauty mind putting in your designer of choice for me? Thank you for requesting !


Sorry, I filled out the first one but completely forgot to do the second one. All done now


So glad to see you guys got this going! Now don’t mind me if I request :wink:

Trailer Form
Story{x} Couple{} Character{}
Title: W I T ☾ H
Author: Glimmer
Genre/Mood: Bewitching, lots of magic and wonder
Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) I wanted clips of witches doing magic, both girls and boys! I don’t want any specific face claims, just vibes of magic and people doing magic! Some people doing light magic and others doing dark magic. I wanted a lot of clips from The Vampire Diaries (bonnie mostly) The Originals (mostly Davina and Freya) and The Secret Circle!!
Text: (A witch coven thought to be long dead. Exterminated almost two decades ago. But they won’t be buried. They’re here for revenge, no matter what it takes.) I want this all in one slide at the beginning, and then the title ( W I T ☾ H) at the very end! I also like the idea above of putting the lyrics on the screen as the music plays, so if you could do these sentences (Hit me with your best shot
You can’t make my heart stop
Is that the best that you’ve got?) (I can bleed, I can hurt
Knock me down in the dirt
I am strong I’ll show you
Even when I’m black and blue) (I’m bulletproof)
Clips/Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRYPUKQIirM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxRFKEt9mfg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYQfpiw4Uy4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khHaC67tFqg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYlJctXA1aA
Face Claims: No specific face claim, just clips of magic and people doing magic for the overall vibe of a witch coven.
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3ubmzjOAXg
Designer of Choice: @poisonlilac


Hey there! I love Matt!! So of course I accept. A video dedicated to him?? UM HELLLLS YESSSSSS. but the song choice is left up to me. It won’t be someonthing random of course. It’ll have that eerily dark feeling to it no worries. Other than that I think I’m good. :smile:


Hi, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to deny, your story sounds interesting but I don’t think I can produce the video you want. You’re asking for things I don’t do. You can look at my examples and see that I don’t provide text in my videos. I don’t think I’d do it justice. :confused:


Oh sorry, I didn’t know you didn’t put text in your videos! Thank you :slight_smile:
For my 2nd choice, @brookieismyname !



I’ve never done character trailers before but I’ll try my best :blush:


Story trailer

Title- What’s left of me

Author- PaigeRain_stories

Genre- Romance

Summary- Could you actually continue to live if you lost almost everyone?
After Anastasia survives a fatal car crash that her boyfriend Cole and best friend Bella died in She is lost. It’s her start of junior year and she has to mend the crack their death left in her heart. She feels that she will never be able to love anyone again,and that my be true.
On her first day of junior year Anastasia meets the new boy River. River is mysterious, gorgeous, and Anastasia is intrigued by him. However she refuses to get to close in fear of loving him as much as she loved Cole or possibly more. Can River help Anastasia face her fears and mend her cracked heart? Will river help Anastasia uncover parts of herself Cole never could have?
This book has a little something for everyone love, drama, adventures, and a little magic

Text- Some intriguing parts of the summary that will make it more interesting

Clips- None specific of the characters but a car crash in the beginning is needed

Face claims- Holland Roden and Cody Christan

Song- Waves by Dean Lewis

Designer of choice- @carpe-di3m

Thank you!


okay! If you could try to make sure the song lyrics have something to do with seeing ghosts and being haunted that would be awesome! Thank you for accepting :slight_smile:


Hi love! Thank you for the kind words - accepted! I have a lot of cool ideas for your trailer!


Story{} Couple{x} Character{}
Title: White Lies
Author: R.K. Aspen
Genre/Mood: luxurious, adventure, rich style.
Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) video of cara modeling or on runway, louis in an interview, girls on a yacht, luxurious parties, fast cars.
Text: White Lies is fine in the beginning on a white screen if you can do it. It doesn’t need any text.
Mood: luxury, happiness with sadness as well. pretty much the ups and downs.
Clips/Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bURoAwCFHFY&list=PLVZqtiwTvzDx9BPTl7RhwKyiA9ve3qcEV
Face Claims: Cara Delevingne, Louis Tomlinson
Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj_dZDsob3k
Designer of Choice: @millie_gomez


**Story{x} Couple{} Character{} **
Title: Pawprints
Author: A-fluffy-cat
Genre/Mood: Werewolves, slow romance (boy x boy), a bit of mystery
Summary: “Nathan saves a boy from dying in the forest. But without any memories, identity or anywhere to go, this young stranger will become the first of many mysteries to come. Together, they will face face dangers and uncover secrets that will change their lives forever.”

It’s a story about a guy who saves a boy who happens to be a werewolf. But when the boy’s pack tries to take him back forcefully, the two of them will have to fight for the boy’s freedom.

What events do you want to see in this video, chronologically? A handsome man saving a younger boy > The face of the boy, he’s gentle and cute > The guys become friends > Some clips of grey wolves running, forests at night (kinda like in a dream) > A wolf protecting the man > A guy shifting into a wolf, if you can find a clip like that

Text: I don’t know, something from the summary, maybe?
Clips/Youtube Playlist: I don’t have a playlist. Do I need to make one?
Face Claims: Young Jared Leto as Nathan (the older guy) Ren from the kpop group N’uest as Alec (the wolf-boy) You can choose different actors though. Just keep a similar mood.
Song: You choose C:
Designer of Choice: No preference C:



Hi, thank you so much for choosing me as your designer but unfortunately I’ll have to decline your request. You’re more than welcome to request from another designer though!


Hi love! Accepted! I have a really cool idea for your video :grinning: