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Sorry but denied, I don’t have any inspiration for your video. :confused:


Just have a quick question about clips. Can a piece of a video be used or does the whole clip have to be used?


A piece of a video can definitely be used! You’ll just need to clarify the exact video, and the time stamps of the video you want used in your video :slight_smile:


That’s okay! I just adjusted to a different designer instead. Thank you!


Okay thank you! I was having a hard time finding the exact clip. minor freak out over :slight_smile:


Heya! Just letting you know that you’re going to have to be a little more specific with the form. Our designers need something to go off of, so you’ll need to fill out the text, song, designer of choice, and find atleast one or two clips for them to work with, orrr a tv show that could have some scenes/ the aesthetic you’re going for.

Thank you!


I’m so excited!! :slight_smile:


Accepted! I do need you to message me for more specifics


Story{X} Couple{} Character{}

Title: Rising Sun

Author: XOXO Queen

Genre/Mood: Werewolf/Romance, Dark, Intense, Sad/Oppressive

Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) : I’d like to see a few clips of Triston, then Rowan, then the wolves circling each other, followed by the Game of thrones clip, then more clips of both Triston and Rowan. I had a hard time finding good clips of Natalie Portman but if you can find any without cars in the backround those would be fine. I hope i gave you enough to work with. I will include time stamps for each video in my own reply.

Text: β€œIt’s Always Been About You.” β€œI Needed You To See Me” (optional really not needed)

Clips/Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AQJI8szQ-0&list=PLCn8LMt2uijEFRdJ7bToMgE3sR9rFX448

Face Claims: Charlie Hunnam as Triston & Natalie Portman as Rowan

Song: Let It Go By: James Bay

Designer of Choice: @poisonlilac


King Aurther–
9:40- 9:45

50 shade of Carlie Hunnam
:48- :57


Your Highness
first 4 seconds

Twlight wolf scenes

Werewolf Giant Team Vs


Just letting you know that I completed payment for both of my requests!


Could you provide a little more information in your summary? Not about clips just a summary so that I can understand it better.


Of course!..I think lol. So in the book Triston and Rowan are leaders of two separate packs and even though they eventually fall in love, it’s going to be a hard fight for the both of them. I was hoping the trailer would sort of depict their individual struggles and a few soft moments (the kissing clips) they share along with shots of wolves because that’s what they are lol The Game of Thrones clip is just just a small face claim for Triston’s parents who in the book are some tough and nasty wolves.

Ultimately it’s a love and war story similar to titanic but WAY darker i guess (i hope that makes sense)



I might still need a little information here and there but you are accepted. :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do and work my magic. Also the music I might change it here and there. But don’t worry I know what I’m doing haha


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m sure i’ll love whatever you come up with!:smiley:


Payment complete. btw your story seems like it’s going to be very good! I’ll be waiting for your update :slight_smile:


Will do! Thank you :slight_smile:


Hey cuties! Just a reminder to @rkaspen @Minxatious @darklinglimmer to complete the payment for your trailers! If you’ve already done so, just comment back and let me know it’s finished so I can update the queue. Thank ya! :black_heart:


I just watched most of the designer’s trailers in their examples and damn yall are good.


Thank you so much! We do try our best :blush: