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@carpe-di3m & @poisonlilac hey guys, not expecting the trailers to be done, but I was just wondering where you guys are at in the process and if you need anything else from me?


Hi there, I’m currently working on the scenes with the videos you provided and music. I haven’t had the chance to look for Matthew D. Clips. So maybe if you want to help speed along the process that would be great thanks! :slight_smile:


I updated my post with a link to Matthew Daddario videos. The first video is a “sad” compilation from Shadowhunters, so I used a timestamp for what part he was in. The rest of the videos are 100% Alec scenes so I didn’t include timestamps because I didn’t know what you’d want to use and what you wouldn’t. Let me know if you need anything else !


No rush, just wanted to bump the post and let you guys know you all rock! I’m super excited to see what everyone comes up with! :grinning:


Hey, because of @carpe-di3m 's break from trailers, I was wondering if I could choose @brookieismyname ? T R A I L E R S 🎃🕷 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina this is the link to my original request


Trailer Teaser Ship Character

Title: The Only Exception

Author: Rose Beton

Genre/Mood: romance, humor, holiday-like (more on the christmas side)

Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) The first clip I would like is of Dakota waking up, working out, and reading 0:04 - 0:32. Then I would like a montage of a plane flying 2:30 - 2:46. I was also wondering if you can include Christmas in Amsterdam 6:13 - 6:58 (you can condense if you need to). Then I want Taron Egerton running/doing parkour away from some guys 0:00 - 0:24. The it would be a montage of both characters laughing, flirting, crying, etc.

Text: Helen Finley is done being treated like she’s nothing to her family. After buying a ticket to Amsterdam, she wants to get to know her new home. She didn’t know she’d end up meeting her fake tour guide.

Xander Thames is know for a good thrill here and there. But when he is literally chased out of an apartment, he ends up running towards his greatest thrill yet.

Clips/Youtube Playlist (AT LEAST two clips): https://pastebin.com/Bp8aJeS2

Face Claims: Dakota Johnson & Taron Egerton

Song: this song or this song / or whatever song you feel would fit the video

Designer of Choice (MUST be filled out): @poisonlilac perferably, if not, then @brookieismyname (:


Hi love! I just sent you a question through private message (not sure if you check that more than this, wanted to make sure)


Hey there! Just finished your trailer!

Please let me know your thoughts on it as well as if you’ll be using it. Also, if you are using it don’t forget to credit me somewhere. Much appreciated thanks! :heart:


Also, don’t worry girl I’m working on your video next!!! :heart:


Hi there!, I haven’t really done “happyish” trailers before. So I’m going to accept to give it a try because its a new year and I love Taron. So Yeah I’ll give it a try.

can you include a summary of your story so i can get a better understanding of it?

Also, is it mandatory to include the text? Because I’m not really a fan of having text in the video as I personally believe it ruins the whole aesthetic. If so I might have to decline…


This is AAAAMMMMMMAAZING, OH my gosh thank you! It turned out way better then how I envisioned it in my head, thank you so much! I will 10000% be using thank you again


Yaaayyy took me all day I’m so happy you liked it :blush:


thank you so much! i really appreciate it!

here is the synopsis of the story: Helen Finley is perfectly okay with being alone. After living with the family that incited her paranoia, and increased her anxiety, Helen has finally had enough. Her step-mother, who tormented her for years, had fully convinced her father that Helen was nothing more than a disrespectful, abnormal, and worthless daughter. With years of emotional and mental abuse passing behind her, Helen takes the initiative to move away from it all, for good.

After buying a plane ticket, and stamping that passport, Helen can hardly come to terms with the situation herself. After getting accustomed to the area, she decides that a tour of her new hometown would suffice enough.

What she didn’t know, was that it was only the beginning for her.

it’s not! it can be made without text (:


Okay sounds great. I’ll try my best. Please don’t forget to complete the payment listed above. :slight_smile:


thank you!
and payment is completed (:


Trailer Teaser Ship Character
Title: If I died
Author: Tabrea Gilbert
Genre/Mood: dark mysterious and a little badass
Summary (what events/clips do you want to see in this video, chronologically?) Death was something that Natalia “Nat” Jensen wanted and even craved for. Though but when she takes the foolish route and chooses another chance at life, it comes with a major price.

Making a deal with the devil. She soon feels her humanity slipping as she starts to feed upon her own kind. Seeking help, she turns to the one person that she’s tried so hard to avoid-- And he’s all but human.
(She basically ends up working for the angel of death and collecting souls in exchange for him to find the person who took hers and get her humanity back the reason why she took the deal was because she was tricked into thinking that she could return to life with her boyfriend that also died with her in the car crash he was her only family but instead she was turned into this demonic thing that makes her crave human flesh kinda gross ik lol)

Clips/Youtube Playlist (AT LEAST two clips): I can’t find it but the clip from ahs where tate walks into the school when he is about to shoot everyone. and a car crash scene. I liked the uncovered paths trailer maybe a few fighting scenes. a hooded man also maybe a girl saying I want revenge and a guy at the end laughing evilly and a girl blowing out her birthday candles because she is killed on her 25th birthday
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prYm0NWKWk 0:13 where the girls face is turning into ash and rotting. and 0:15 where the guy says most of us die as we are born in agony
Face Claims: I don’t have a face claim but my mc has long black hair
Song: Dorothy Get up, Bishop Briggs dead mans arms and Halsey devil in me.
The designer of Choice (MUST be filled out): @brookieismyname

a quote that I would love to have in it is “let death be the last truth from the lie that you seek.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAyiWVKr0fU here’s an older trailer that I had for the same story. Doesn’t quite fit what I’m looking for anymore plus I have a whole other username

A link to the cover https://imgur.com/RGwjVdM


Heya, do you have a title for the trailer? :slight_smile:


oops I’m sorry I’m super stupid it’s called If I died


Title - Hoist The Colours

Author : jessie-bear

Genre : Historical-Romance/ Historical Adventure/ Action
Mood : Dark/ action/ female pirate / suspense

Clips : I don’t know about chronologically but the feel is a bada*s female pirate captaining one of the most feared pirate ships in the Caribbean. So like clips with ships battling it out or canons being fired on pirate ships, sails being torn, flags being flown, gold / treasure, etc. A very ‘Black sails’ themed trailer.

Face claims : Anne Bonny from the TV series ‘Black Sails’ she is exactly the vibe my main character has. John Silver has the ‘disheveled English noblemen’ look

Here are some clips that you could use ( not in chronological order. however way you feel works with the music, theme etc. I give you compete artistic freedom when it comes to putting it all together in a way that makes her seem like a total bad@ss pirate and captain whilst still keeping the theme of high seas adventure pirate life there…if that makes sense.)

Music : Imagine Dragons - Gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M2EIjONNjIU
(ominous ending audio ‘To fear death is a choice and they cant hang us all’ or ‘we have shown them what we are capable of, and it terrifies them.’ and ‘the end is about to begin’ ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5SB30suBJY

Designer of choice : poisonlilac