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@poisonlilac @Vexful payment completed!


yes, so basically to make it sound clear she becomes a grim reaper in exchange for his help because on one in the after (aka the afterlife) does anything for free so the exchange and selling of souls are very common.


Sorry for the late answer, yes I did intend to check off as a Character. I have a trailer for the story itself but I was wanting one for the character Georgia specifically. :smiley:


No problem! Thank you for giving a looksie!


Hey! @DarklingDarling Here is your video.

I hope you like it?? I’m a little iffy about it because I didn’t have as many ideas to work off of. So hopefully this is what you were looking for? If you want any MINOR details. pls do let me know. Other than that thank you for requesting :)))


@jessie-bear you’re next! I’m very excited about your video because I absolutely love the song i picked out. So keep and eye out these next couple of days.


Go ahead and use whatever song you feel fits best. The song was just an odd idea


I adore this so much! Could you give me the song name? I’m a huge fan of it


It’s all you leave behind by Ross tones i believe. Glad you liked it!! :blush:


Hey love, do you have a link to the story? The trailer is done, just want to link the story in the description box. I went to your page and didn’t see it.


oops I’ll post it now


it doesn’t have the first chapter cause I unpublished it and am editing it hopefully that’s fine


Yeah, that’s fine! Is it up though? Or are you editing it and then posting it? I still don’t see it, so I wanted to ask


it’s posted now lol thanks so much!


Thank you! And thank you for your patience. Here’s your trailer! I didn’t want to keep bothering you with questions, so I took some creative freedom and changed the song (hope that’s okay). I think this song fits better. If there’s anything you don’t like or want added/changed just let me know!


I love it :sweat_smile::raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5::clap:t5::clap:t5:Thank you so much


Yay! Do you plan on using it?


Of fucking course it’s the best!


Funny enough to was actually going to suggest that song for the trailer I’m gonna do some rewriting and editing and then post it


Awh, thank you! And no way! That’s so funny. I almost chose a different song before using that one, so I’m glad that worked out haha