Please. And let me know any other tags you might need


I tried to go back and add tags to my tags ranking post but it wouldn’t let me. I have no idea what tags would work, because I suck at tagging, but I was going to put: rankings, tags, genres.


that lit-link tag though :rofl:


I actually think it maybe ‘recommendations’


tags for the feedback category or tags in general?

I see writing and question are tags.

What about discussion as a tag?

or the word genre or subgenre as a tag?



(Kidding I’ve only created one and it’s cafe so I don’t think there are any valuable tags anyway)


done made them


I searched “tags” and this thread still seemed most relevant.

Right now, are we supposed to be able to create new tags to add to posts or only to apply existing tags?


So, also, does the platform seem to matter in how tags can be added? Like, is it intended we can scroll through all existing tags when creating a post, or is it intended that we can start to type and available tags will be suggested?

Right now, for me, web and Firefox on my Surface, I only see some tags and I don’t see a way to scroll through all. But I can type various letters and that small list of tags available changes based on what I type.

Here’s some tags we may or may not need:

Something like “in-character” if story games threads continue to be a thing.

“dark-fantasy” if we’re allowing tags for subgenres, because I have seen others like this.


Did you know there is a way to scroll through all the tags available?

You have to go to unread, latest, or top to see it.


That’s helpful if I look there first and remember the available tag, then start to type it when I’m posting.

But for me (if not everyone?) when choosing the optional tags to apply when creating a post there’s not a way to scroll through all at that point.


I think tags are a hot mess on here.

Will add


I made darkfantasy but accidentally typed darkfantasty at first :open_mouth:
so enjoy both?
will figure out how to delete…


darkfantasty xD


where’s @spicy_sweets




Omg xD
You just reminded me of how dead I’ve been lol


what about “challenge”?