Do you like the new tags feature?

  • Yes
  • No

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Post what you do and don’t like below!


You made it so that people can vote for both options.

*ahem* Here’s why I picked yes and no besides being a troll:

a) I like being able to tag threads when I make them but b) I don’t really use the search via tags function myself, so I don’t really see the functionality behind them. I just like tagging stuff.


I just realized a nifty feature!


Apparently, each tag has its own tag page. :exploding_head:


I suck at tags so I don’t think I’m ever going to like any tag feature lol


I picked yes because I thought you meant the tag rank :joy: But I chose only both 'cause it’s ok but don’t really care about it


I usually don’t put tags unless it’s really important, and I want people to see it. (it’s the same with Tumblr, lol)


Same! I thought we were talking about the tag ranking so I put no :sweat_smile:

The tags on here I don’t really have an opinion on because they aren’t really used much.


If used properly, tags can be great, whether it be searching for writing tips, contest info or whatever.


Wait are we talking about the tags feature on here or the tags on Wattpad books? Because I like the tags ranking system on Wattpad and uh… I haven’t used the tags on here, tbh.


I think it’s on here.


OH! Those tags. I chose ‘no’ because I thought you meant tag rankings xD


Ha, the confusion! XD


I like the tags on here for searchability, but I don’t like the fact that we can only use premade tags. We can’t create our own and it’s really frustrating me.


What do you mean? Tagging anyone?


The new tagging for the forums where you can add one tag to your topics to help them get found.


Wow, those tags? Completely forgot em.


I forget about them too, but it really bother’s me that you can’t create new ones, you can only use premade ones.


I imagine it’d be pretty chaotic and disorganized.


We should probably figure out either a) a bunch of premade ones or b) a way to let everyone add them


I prefer B. If we go with A. I’ll probably just not use them.