taking art request


Hello blobsmileopenmouth2

I kinda ditched this thread after opening one in the MDC.


if I give a pic I got from another request, do you think you could try in your style?


blobthumbsup yeah its no problem, I just wanted requests with visuals than with words ( it works faster for me that way since everythings gonna be like a quick sketch anyway)


Okay! I have a few, you can choose. If you dont want any of these, I can come up with something else! Thanksss :calmwolf:





this took longer than i thought it would


O.o thats amazingg!!! thank you so much i love it!!

Her name is Nirvana and that is her cat Mistrey, she is from my book The Moon Distant! Ahhh I love itt :calmwolf: :calmwolf:


oh man back story o:

probably shouldve gotten that first before drawing it LOL


Lol, no no its amazing!!!


lol tyty c’:


She’s so cuteeeeeeeee


i picked her because cats


Relatable! Cats are great!!!


b1nzyblob cats are liquid tho so like their bodies are like wtf


:cat::macy::cat::macy::cat::macy::cat::macy::cat: Yess, lol, I have two cats and one of them is so floppy, not ragdoll floppy though


… i wish to pet


XD pet theeee cat


i cant. its your cat LOL


I’d totally request but I have nothing. :rofl:


Lollll, i have two cats and Mistrey is a mix of them. one looks like a russian blue, and the other is a tuxedo

I would bombard you with requests, but I wont :’)


@lumi awwwm maybe later xD

@Calmwolf ooo a russian blue. I mean, you can. idk, i just have requests from here or my thread on wattpad… gives me options too LOL blobshrug