For those interested, there’s a new start-up for people seeking their stories to be made into movies. It’s called TaleFlick and was founded by the producer of the movie “Marjorie Prime” and a former Netflix exec.

For $88, you get your short story, novel, etc. on their database for one year. I guess movie people will search the database looking for original stories they would adapt to the screen.

Sounds kind of weird to me, but it seems legit. A link to an article about it is: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/book-database-taleflick-launched-by-producer-netflix-exec-1138119

I'm an established full-time author - willing to answer questions if you have them

So you have to pay for them to consider your story? Sounds fishy. At least you’re keeping all the rights to it. I definitely think it’s an interesting initiative.


I don’t believe THEY are considering your story. They’re providing a service to keep your story on their database for a year. Others in the business will search the database for new material.


Oooh, so they’re kind of a host then? Or an ad board. Then it actually does make sense you pay a fee.


I just looked and apparently they’re not accepting short stories :slightly_smiling_face: it’s a pretty cool idea though and looks legit!


I’d probably feel right at home with this start up. But $88 is a lot of money to be parting with.


So, basically, you give away the rights to your book for a few grand, the movie industry stands to make millions from it. Sounds about right.:rofl:


Interesting…although I think it’s mainly making a GIGANTIC haystack and finding needles will be VERY hard. I applaud the fact that they are at least trying something.


No one is considering anything. They are just making a single place where others can look for things. It’s essentially a fee to be put in a database, and it’s quite reasonable all things considered.


Wait, what? You say you need $100,000 to launch your debut but $88 is too much? I totally cannot figure you out.


Yeah, @XimeraGrey explained it :slight_smile:


The option fee is not all you make from your book. That is just the “first set of money.” Now, the issue, is MOST books never make it past the option fee. But if you do move from “optioned” to “green-lighted” there is a rather large amount of cash that comes your way and if you move from “green-lighted” to “start of production” there’s another big payment, and if the film gets “released” there COULD be additional money if you’ve negotiated a % of the boxoffice receipts.

But again, all that “other money” is very unlikely to come your way…heck even getting optioned isn’t an easy bar to clear.


unfigurable outable :rofl:


How bona fide is that in your opinion? Would you put your work on there?


Ah, OK. Thanks for clarifying.


Me? No, I wouldn’t but I already have my works optioned. As I said, I think it’s a bit like a needle in a haystack. Getting optioned is SO INCREDIBLY hard, that I wouldn’t put much energy into pursuing it. Best thing you can do is work on making your books a success, and if you do that then you have a chance of getting picked up – and I think that chance is better than the haystack approach outlined in this new venture.


I can tell you firsthand, this is an excellent site. I researched it, found it legit, and submitted 2 of my books and six weeks later, they purchased the film and TV rights to one of them. I could have never accomplished that on my own. They’re helpful in getting your book uploaded and quick to answer any questions, and while they can’t guarantee your book will be seen, they do guarantee your book will be in the catalog for one year. I think it’s a great opportunity for writers everywhere and best of all, you don’t need a manager or an agent to do it. You can do it all on your own.


Purchased? Or optioned?