Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


Are you a writer, a reader, a reader/writer, a Mod, an Ambassador, work for HQ? Are you here just to get a drink? What has your experience here on Wattpad been like? What has worked for you? What hasn’t? What are your expectations for 2019?

I’m Celeste and I write Romance books. I’ve been on Wattpad since Dec 2015. I’ve never posted my books somewhere else. I got some solid feedback on my stories and a nice group of followers here so far, which has made me improve a lot as a writer. Wattpad has had some major changes and I’m excited to see how things are going to go this year.

What about you? Grab a drink! Let’s chat.:slight_smile: I heard the nuts are not so good here, but they’re free :beers:


What they don’t tell you is that the nuts are probably covered in ecoli from people not washing their hands.

Hi, Celeste! I’m Zuzanna. I’m a reader/writer, been here for three years now I think, though technically I took a lengthy hiatus and came back in January. Being away gave me time to try other things and over platforms, and to work on writing. now always finish a book before I post it since WP can get a bit discouraging when you’re posting your book and it feels like a shout into the void with only your own voice echoing back at you sometimes.


LOL You’re so right! :joy:

Hi Zuzanna! Nice to meet you! Which other platforms have you tried and how has it worked for you?

I agree with you that writing on a platform as big as wattpad can be a little overwhelming from time to time. But I think the key is trying to find your own voice and understand that some genres are more popular than others. I’d suggest writing the book you’d like to read. That’s what I do, you know? With time you find people who are similar to you and enjoy the same stories you do. Just don’t think you’re a bad writer because you don’t get as many reads as you’d like. :slight_smile:

What do you write?


I was writing on ao3 for a while. It’s a bit easier to get recognized and I met some pretty cool people.

WP is part of the reason I like to finish before I start posting my stories online. That way, no one can discourage me if I’m not getting the feedback I wish for. All I’m doing at that point is just copying from a google doc and pasting it into a draft and publishing it, instead of being so discouraged I end up stop writing a story because it’s not getting traction. If that makes sense. It also helps with marketing on forums and whatnot, since I’m not trying to write a chapter AND get the word out.

Right now, I’ve got a NA romance (and another one I’m going to start posting once I get the halfway mark on my current), a Science-Fantasy type deal, and Historical Fiction piratess. And a teeny fic short story in the works (and by short story, it’ll probably end up around 50k).

I see you write romance too? Is that your prefered genre or do you like writing other things?


Wow! I like the way you found a way to feel motivated to write. I’ve seen many people feeling bad because they get just a few reads and so they stop writing. It’s nice to see how you found a way not to feel discouraged. :beers: Cheers

Yeah, I write contemporary romance only. :blush:

How are you feeling now that you came back to WP with a complete work? Do you feel like more people are interested in your story or it doesn’t matter much?


Thank you. It does help take pressure off on updating and promising weekly updates.

Its about the same, I guess. I still have to find readers, and it’s slow going, but not having to worry about losing interest writing my own story as a result is nice.

How do you do yours? Finish it first, post it once a chapters finished, or have a few chapters ahead written?


Hey there! I’m Aardvark French, and I’ve been on Wattpad since July 2013. I’m mostly just here to see if you guys have any tea xD


I started with one story only, which took me about a year to finish. Now I have three stories I’m still working on and trying to post one chapter a week.

I think the hardest moment (in terms of reads counting) is to hit the 1k mark.

So, what I tell people is that they have to work on their voice. You need to know who you’re writing to. In my opinion, when people say they write for themselves, they shouldn’t worry too much about getting reads, really. They wrote the books for themselves. They read the book. Mission accomplished.

I don’t mean to say you have to write to please people. But that if you want to get people to read/ buy your book, you need to know who you’re writing to. That’s why I told you earlier to write the book you’d like to read.

You may not hit millions of reads, but your readers will be genuine and fans of your work. And that’s the essence of wattpad, I think.

In Romance, for example, I like certain things and dislike others. So, I work on writing a book for people, who like me, will enjoy the heck of a swoony hero, for example, or lots of dialogues and just a bit of internal thoughts.

When I started, I’d post a chapter and get zero readers for days, then I discovered the clubs and started advertising my story every week religiously. People say it doesn’t work, but I think it’s a good starting point.

After, I started looking for books similar to mine and gave them a try. That’s how I got to know people and understand that there was a niche here on Wattpad that I could explore. And That’s what I’ve been doing.

What’s been the hardest and the best for you so far? :slight_smile:


Hi Aardvark! Nice to meet you! Grab a sit :smile:

hahaha Maybe at some point we will.


Ok, I’ll stick around xD

How’s the writing life treating you guys? I’m just trying to finish my French essay…debating as to whether or not I can squeeze a second writing session into my day…


Can I get a pint over here? I’d die for some chips too.

I’m Fray, I’m 26 and I’ve been on Wattpad since March 2017 (My second Wattpad Birthday is coming up so soon!)

The amount of help I’ve received from the community has been extremely overwhelming. I’ve made some amazing friends who continue to help me every day. Either when they listen to me rant or when we just discuss Wattpadding, writing, cover making or something completely non-wattpad related. So because the community has been so amazing, I’ve been in ambassador training since the start of February. And last week I got my badge! :blue_heart: I’m so ready to give back to the community that has gotten me where I am today.

Anyways, I write NA Dark Fantasy books about queer characters trying to not die. And not be total morons and get people killed :slight_smile:

You were right about the nuts. Who left a chewed gum in there???


Stay for a while. The nuts are free, but after @witchoria’s comment, I’d think twice.

What’s the essay about?


A movie called Fatima. My essay is about the relationship between the titular character’s writing in Arabic and her assimilation into French culture.


Hi @AWFrasier! Nice to meet you! What are you drinking? I also double as a bartender here. :wink:

I’ve seen you around and I love your posts, by the way!

I applied to be an Ambassador too. How has it been for you so far? What team are you in?

How is writing NA Dark Fantasy like here on Wattpad? Do you write only here?


How is it going so far? :slight_smile: Do you plan on writing here on wattpad too or are you more of a reader only?


Gimme a pint of your darkest lager, please :blush:

Really? I’m happy you like them! Mostly I feel I just talk out of my ass :joy:

I’m loving it so far. The other ambs are so genuinely helpful and supportive, it feels like a family. A family of 100’s of people from around the world.

I’m currently training to become a club mod :muscle: So not much will change really.

It’s amazing! When I started I wasn’t sure if there would be anyone who was even remotely interested since the romantic subplots aren’t very big. And there’s no teen drama either, and I was kind of under the influence that that was what people came here to read. Boy, was I wrong. NA might be super unpopular in the publishing world, but on here it’s flourishing. People have grown up and they want to read about characters their own age, struggling with this whole adult thing. Like what even is being an adult? And then there’s the darklings hiding everywhere, just waiting for more dark fiction. I’ve definitely found a dark home here on Wattpad for my dark books. And my dark soul

I’ve tried out Tapas, but keeping with the character limit isn’t possible. So right now I only write on Wattpad. :sparkles:


I just finished, and I’m about to go print it. Hopefully my professor will like it!

I write quite a lot on here, actually. My two current works in progress are fanfics, but I also write original fic. I don’t think I’m allowed to link to my profile here, but you can find it by searching on Wattpad (my username there is also epichorn31).

Quick question: does anyone have an idea for a pub name? The MC of one of my works-in-progress owns a pub or he did until very recently, right now he’s just kind of mooching off of his boyfriend, and it needs a name.


Oh, it’s good to hear that there’s an NA scene on this site! My next big project might be NA, so it’s nice to hear that people are interested in reading about college-age protagonists.


Yeessss! We just need more of it, really. And it’s fun! We’re not bound by the same censoring rules YA is so we can do more or less whatever we want (as long as it doesn’t break Wattpad guidelines of course :joy:)


Here you go.:tumbler_glass: Cheers on being an Ambassador!

It’s amazing when you find your niche here on WP, right? I’ve been talking about it a lot lately. It’s all about knowing who your audience is, I think.

How would define NA Dark Fantasy? What is it about?