Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


Nice! :slight_smile: And what do you like to read here?

A pub name? I’ll get back to you if have any idea.


I’ll read whatever, but I do have pretty high standards for quality. I tend to read more published fiction than Wattpad stories.


Sounds super fun! There doesn’t seem to be much YA censorship on Wattpad though (although there’s probably quite a bit in the publishing world).


…and the printer’s broken. I hate my life.


Cheers! Tastes delicious!

It is! And when you do, you’ve done it. You’re settled. The readers will keep coming back to you for more.

I define it as Fantasy with above 18 aged characters, struggling with the adult aspects of life - like adult responsibilities, adult relationships, sexuality and identity - while also fighting the big bad. A lot of my characters often have to battle themselves too. When something bad happens, they never come out unscathed. They get scars - both physical and psychological. So not only are these poor characters traumatised, they also have to save the world in one way or another.


You definitely have more leeway on Wattpad, for sure. I think the biggest issue is that you have to write something that both a 13-year-old can read - but also a 17-year-old (as they’re the main demo)

Lately YA in the publishing world has matured and… I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to be for teens anymore. Which is a shame. Being a teen is a trying time and you should have a sanctuary in books written for you. But because there’s such a huge adult demographic reading YA, the storylines become more and more mature.

Which is why we need NA. We need a genre for us so YA can continue to be with teens in mind.


I don’t see published YA maturing as a huge problem - it just means that we as a society are recognizing that the average teenager is in fact capable of handling serious subjects. It opens up discussions about topics that teens might not have previously been included in. Of course, there are limits, and the fact that young teens simply won’t read books that they can’t relate to will keep the industry as a whole from churning out too many overly mature YA books. I do agree that we need more NA books though. There simply aren’t that many books marketed to the late teens/early twenties demographic.


Sounds super interesting! Why do think there’s no space for that with traditional publishing? What about self-publishing?


Oh dear!


I don’t think I’m going to write again tonight. My brain is exhausted, and I already wrote 1300 words for Mixtape this morning, plus that entire French essay. Might read though.


What is quality for you? Just asking because the way readers define vary so much from people to people. I always like hearing people’s opinions about this kind of stuff.


I think the main issue is the very explicit sex scenes and overly gory violence that has entered the YA Fantasy scene. I’ve been seeing a lot of articles about it lately and I gotta agree. You can tell some of the books being published as YA weren’t written with YA in mind - but actually NA. But the publishers often ask people to age their characters down so it can be published and marketed as YA. So there’s a legit problem of adult books being marketed as teen books.

(Not sure I totally agree with the sex scenes. Sex is a pretty natural thing for most people and I don’t see the harm in teens reading about it. But the violence… Hm. Yah, I don’t think that’s very teen friendly.)

And there should be! We’re the biggest buyers of books after all.


Quality for me is an interesting and original premise and plot, compelling characters, and strong writing, preferably free of grammatical and spelling errors. It seems like that wouldn’t be too hard to find, but because I don’t have all that much time to read on here (I’m a college student-athlete, plus I play French Horn and write, and I’m usually reading a book offline too), I’m picky about what I read. If I even suspect that a book might not have one of those things, I usually stop reading.


Self-pubbing is booming with NA. NA has just been super unfortunate in being marketed as one thing - and now people think it’s just one thing. Erotic romances filled with sex. And reality is, NA is as diverse as Adult fic or YA fic. It’s not just one genre.

But yah, that’s our downfall :frowning_face:


Yeah, excessive sex and violence can be an issue in YA if it’s not handled well. Part of it may be that most writers are adults, so even if they are writing for teens, the author has the life experiences of an adult and the media that the author is consuming is for adults, so the ideas that they come up with are probably going to be oriented toward adults.

From my experience, people’s opinions on whether sex or violence is more problematic in media for children and teens is largely cultural. In general, Americans tend to think that sex is worse, while most other places think that violence is worse.


Yeah - which leads to another discussion. Teens writing about teens for teens. Should there be a bigger acceptance and push for ownvoice authors when it comes to age related things?

Hah, yeah. I mean, some of the kid’s shows I watched when I was little talked pretty openly about sex. I remember especially this one show talking about when boys’ stones drop. One boy had to get surgery and that was handled so well. Super informative. Not sure that would’ve been a thing in the US. :joy:

But shows about murder and shit? Nah. Hard no from my parents. I was not allowed to watch that as a kid.


I’ll have to agree with you on that. There’s this tendency to equal NA to Romance. Maybe because of the boom with self published novels since 2009, 2010.


Yep. Which is unfortunate since it’s literally just a demographic specific term. So, trying hard to fill the world with another kind of NA, just to show there’s more to it than just explicit romance - not that I have an issue with those. But there’s just more to NA than that.


Hi Celeste - I’m Bee or Beeie. I’m a weeBee so can I have a pint of almond milk? :milk_glass:
I write romance too… but not the bad boy, billionaire kinds. In fact, my MC is sweet as sugar and he lives in poverty :joy:
I write as a form of self expression because I’m emotional… And i would love to apply for ambassadorship once I’m able to claw my way out from under a pile of homework :grin::grin::grin:


That’s an interesting question. I would say no, if only because teens in general lack the experience to write well. There are exceptions, but just looking through Wattpad proves that most teens are unable to write effectively in the way that published authors can. What we need to do is be more picky toward adult authors - promote adult YA authors who are both good writers and have experience working with teens (ex. parents of teens, teachers, etc), and reject authors who obviously have no idea what it’s like to be a teenager. Having teens read the potential new YA story as a test audience during the editing process would be a great first step.

Nope, that would definitely not have been a thing in the US. Murder, on the other hand…