Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


Hi, Bee! Nice to meet you! There you go :milk_glass: Have you met @witchoria @epichorn31and @AWFrasier (our brand new Ambassador)?


Yaaass! More teen sensitivity readers! I’m so for that. That’s such a good suggestion.

And that baffles me so much, coming from a pretty sex positive culture and murder negative one :joy:


The US is a weird place. We baffle pretty much everyone else, to be honest, and sex positivity and murder negativity both sound awesome. That being said, I do occasionally like watching stuff blowing up… xD


I love romance… :heart_eyes:

How are you enjoying WP? How long have been on the site?


I mean… I like explosions and gore as much as the next person :joy: We do after all have a rich culture of murder mystery novels and tv series here in Denmark.

Yeah, I can’t speak badly of violence from my own POV. I use it a lot :fist_left: But then again, I don’t write for teens or kids :joy:


Ahhh… thank you!
I know Fray, @AWFrasier. In fact, she was one of the first people to welcome me to WP :grin::hugs:


The old Accomplishment thread on the old clubs, right? :smile:


I’ve never written for kids, but I’ve written for teens quite a bit. How much violence I use depends on the book.


Yes… Romance Is Alive :partying_face:
I’m enjoying is here quite well. I’ve met so many wonderful hoomans, lol. And I have been here almost a year now.
What kind of romance do you write?


Right :grin:
You and Jesse and so many more. Too bad that thread doesn’t carry to over here


What is the line you guys draw with violence, sex and gore? If there is a line to be drawn… What do you have in mind when writing?

This is for @AWFrasier too


@be_butterfly @AWFrasier I miss the old clubs…


Hi Epi. Me too :hugs:


Have you found writing for teens and then writing for adults to be very different?


We’re trying to revive it again! :muscle: We’re on Accomplishment 5 now!


Good question. It depends on the genre, story, and intended audience. I personally don’t write detailed sex or violence, but that’s more of a personal choice (I’m squeamish about blood and I know literally nothing about sex) than any sort of conviction that it shouldn’t exist in teen fiction.


Sexual violence, I think. I’m not big on gory sex, necrophilia or explicit rape scenes.

But besides that, I’m pretty open to everything.


Oh… wow! Yay!!! I’ll look for it :grin:


I do and I don’t. I feel like there’s a lot less drama here than there was on the old threads - also because it’s so easy to summon mods to take care of trouble makers.

But I do miss the amount of traffic there was on the old threads. Where have all the people gone? :cry:


I really enjoying writing contemporary romance. I’m all for real characters and all that too. I’m pretty open to reading other genrers as long as the story sounds interesting. But I always come back to reading romance. I look for diversity and older characters nowadays since I’m 31, but I still find YA interesting too. What about you? What kind of romance do you like to read?