Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


woah… first time I heard of that… always thought it’s just anxiety in my part - which my sister says I can’t possibly have since I don’t get attacks or break out in hives.

I guess that explains a lot.


Incredible, right? I was shocked when I first heard about it and later discovered many ‘successful’ writers suffer from it.

Now, I think we have to work on our own validation (still trying to figure what’s mine), so we can achieve this feeling of fullness I think everyone is looking for.

I also learned Anxiety is so complex and Functional Anxiety (I think the term is self-explanatory) is something people tend to dismiss. So, there’s that too.


Ooohh nice! Just what I needed :smile:

Yeah exactly.

Honestly, I have none. I’m just here to have fun and yeah, that’s about it :sweat_smile: What about you?


And maybe change the way NA Dark Fantasy is done or seen? LOL

I don’t know, I was just talking with @psynoidAl, who got a publishing deal, how hard it is to find Validation here, and how it’s something that has to come from within yourself…

But what I expect from WP is that it grows into sth bigger where a bigger number of writers can have book deals and opportunities. And people don’t need to seek out other platforms when they want to grow or go to the next level as a writer. #dreams

As you said, the market for NA is unpopular in the publishing world right now but it’s flourishing on WP, how nice would it be to be able to explore your career as a writer here? :wink:


Hah, that’d be a perk for sure - but not something I’m expecting.

I mean, I’d definitely keep my business here if Wattpad was interested. Either with Next or Books. It’d be nice and familiar and I wouldn’t have to go through the pain of querying.

But in terms of validation, I’m very easily pleased. What I’ve got now has already done wonders for my confidence :sparkles:


Nice to meet you too! Drinking anything? Hm, I could use a rum and coke about now but I’m at work haha.

Yup, I’m a Next writer and I’m still in shock about it. I’ve been trying to be more active on the forums here in the last so many months, I want to get to know the community better.

I read and write mostly fantasy. High fantasy and urban fantasy especially, and I write for an adult audience. But I read romance sometimes too, you write romance, right?


wow… thanks, I needed that… should probably read up on that stuff…
as for validation… well book 2 and 3 of said light novel are already on the way… I guess I’ll have my validation if the rest of the books get sold too :slight_smile:
ahh… I’ll have another mojito, thank you :slight_smile:
It’s nice to know what you’re actually suffering from :slight_smile:


Nah, all drinks are alcohol-free. We’re just here for the virtual buzz :wink:

How has it been to be part of the program, if you don’t mind me asking? What is it like?

Are you having a good time here at the Community?

Yes, I write Contemporary Romance. I write for adults, but only one of my books is for a mature audience. The other two reached a young audience too, so I’m glad I could have both worlds. The fact both teens and adults could relate to the stories is something I’m really glad about.:):blush:


There you go :cocktail:

I’m really not qualified to say what people’s issues are or not, but I love the internet and I’m always looking for things that can explain other things. So, that’s when I came across the term and realized how many writers have these symptoms, even me sometimes.

What genre do you write? You’re from the Philippines, right? How is the market for traditional publishing and self-publishing there? About 30% of my readers are from the Philippines. :blush:


I’ll stick to my coffee then :wink:

How has the program been? Well it’s gotten more eyes on my work for sure, which is amazing. I mean, that’s why I joined Wattpad haha. Even if someone doesn’t want to give me financial support with the book in the program, I have other books up that are free to read and I’ve gotten a lot of new voters and followers. I feel blessed by finding a bunch of new great readers and friends. Meeting the other Next authors is awesome too. There are some real characters haha, but everyone is very supportive of each other.

The Communtiy has been fun! I’ve found silly threads, serious threads, informative threads, and I’m starting to recognize the regular posters. I like jumping in and helping when people want advice too, which is something I’m a bit shy doing in person haha.

It’s cool that you write for both audiences! And I know Romance is so popular as a genre, best of luck with your writing <3 I might have to check it out someday if I can finally trim down my ‘to read’ list lol.


About twenty hours late to the conversation, but hello!

I’m Makayla, and I primarily write upper YA and NA fantasies. Wattpad has worked decently well for me — I was featured a year ago, was Watty longlisted, and have had consistent reads. I started my account in 2013 for fan fiction, but I went on hiatus until late 2017, which was when I started posting the book that I mentioned before. I’m also a Community Ambassador, so basically a forum moderator, which I started doing late last year!

I’ve loved Wattpad, and I’ve loved the changes they’ve made. While it’s always helped some careers, I think some of the new programs and things will help even more people, which is cool.


You’re really a big help :slight_smile:
am currently reading the article you gave a link to, and I’m starting to feel a bit better (especially after seeing that note from Neil Gaiman)

I usually write fantasies (yey Gaiman) and some romance, but currently, I’m into (dark) horror and LGBT stories.

In the Philippines, the market for locally published books is actually on the rise, particularly romance, fantasy and horror. The self publishing scene is also okay, as far as I can tell, but mostly for graphic novels/comics. For novels, Wattpad is still the place to go to.
Wattpad is actually very popular here, especially for teens who don’t have enough pocket money to buy physical books, thus my publishing company, as well as others decided to release small pocket books that are more affordable for their younger audience.


I get what you mean. I write for myself, but… well, we all want to be validated. And it kinda sucks when you see some of the popular books with thousands upon thousands of votes and reads in your genre are very badly written. Nothing to be done about that, though.

What is NA Dark Fantasy? More Sarah J Maas Court series with adult themes, or like, Lifetime’s You with obsessive stalkers in love? Or am I off base completely?

Is it a lot of hard work? I was debating applying soon, and I know they only ask for 4 hours a week but I was more curious if your left to your devices for the most part, or you’ve got to report in about this or that?

I find it sort of the opposite. Maybe just because I stalk one NA author’s twitter because I find her HILARIOUS and she always calls out assholes on the internet. I feel like everyone I see on here prefers not reading smutty books. I get NA isn’t huge as far as traditional publishing but with indie writers, it seems to be the norm. I end up writing a disclaimer warning of mature themes before and after a sex scene in my stories just in case no one wants to read the smut.

I named mine Grillenium Falcon! While I was looking up cool names, I came across a bunch of punny names I liked if you’re still looking: Wish You Were Beer, The Tipsy Cow, Brew Ha Ha, The Brewseum, Jamacia Mi Krazy, Aesop’s Tables, Tequila Mockingbird, Lord of the Wings, Burgatory, The Pour House.

I agree. You’re kind of in the middle. Do you want to read about kids in high school, or adults your age/twenties? On the latter, you kind of get sexual themes, which, yeah, sex is a part of life. But if you don’t want to ease into the NA category, most of the YA stuff no longer applies.

When I read the Court series by Maas, I thought it was meant to be YA. I’d never seen it promoted as NA, and it’s fantasy, so there wasn’t typical clues with a couple on the cover or some leather booths or ties and stuff to suggest mature themes. Was a bit surprised when I think the MC was seventeen and she starts having sex with male lead. I mean, I didn’t mind at all, but I can see why many would end up perturbed about that.

As far as sex, I feel like that’s brushed under the rug, especially where I live. When I was in HS (about a decade ago, I’m getting old here) there were a lot of pregnant teenagers. I remember even one who was a freshman, so had to be 13-14 years old, and she was pregnant with her SECOND child. That wasn’t even like a random instance. Several of my classmates and other girls in the school were pregnant or already had a kid at home. No one batted an eye at that, but in health class, they were still preaching abstinence.

I used to get R rated films from blockbuster back in the day, they never bat an eyelash at me checking them out after the first time getting approval from a parent. I’m a big horror fan so I watch some screwed up stuff sometimes in movies. My sisters even cool with her 2 and 4 year old sons watching horror movies with me. Though I keep off anything with sex and whatnot. We’ve watched crap like It which made me afraid of clowns as a kid.

Haha I love those. I’m getting a bit miffed and sick of the abusive billionaire types. My male lead has a good job, but he’s still a blue collar worker and can’t afford any plane trips to New York for dinner and whatever billionaires do in novels. My other one I haven’t started posting yet IS a bad boy with a motorcycle type, and is an asshole for a while (he just got out of jail) but gets used to having my MC around, and even starts following her rules on the alphabetical pantry.

Considering the site is full of teenagers, they generally boost the popularity of these celebrity fics and thanks to them, get works like After a six figure book deal and a movie, despite both versions (published and unpublished) being horribly written and edited, and letting young teenagers believe THAT is an ideal relationship, being controlled and around a rage monster. WP kind of promotes that since they were instrumental of getting Anna Todd a book deal on her real-person fanfiction. This site is geared to all ages, yes, but teenagers outweigh everything else. So what they like ends up being the status quo.

Same. I miss being able to click on someones profile and going to wattpad page. Now I have to have two tabs up and copy and paste usernames half the time.

Please tell me all thats banned here. I feel like the first two, but I kinda worry with the rape scenes since I feel many teens kinda glorify that and don’t understand it. Ive read a few with some serious dubious consent marketed as romance and it just rubs me the wrong way.

On WP especially, I feel like if you’re writing romance, never ever describe in detail. Or ever in any genre, UNLESS you’re writing something like Speak, which revolves around the aftermath of being raped but I wouldn’t write it in explicit detail. Not to just make your main character untrusting of people and angsty. And use all the trigger warnings.

No way to get better without practice.

Nail on the head for most writers, I’m sure, and artists of any kind.

Oh man, I just realized I have one of your books in my library. Congrats on being a Next participant. How is it like? Are you finding yourself getting more readers?

Well, damn. I thought something was off about this margarita. I kind of want one now, but it’s 11AM and I’ve got errands to run today.

I went to bed early and this thread blew up, so I’m with you here.

How are you liking it?

I can see that. I’m always a bit surprised when I find that a few percentage of people checking out my story is from the Philippines. Is reading and writing big there, or is it moreover just reading?

EDIT: I totally didn’t expect my reply to be THIS loaded. Sorry guys!


It can be daunting sometimes but for the most part I enjoy it! I love being able to help users and connect with them.


Are you left to your own devices or do you have to do this and that?


Hi. Sup?


We go through a training so we know what to do! Mostly just to make sure the forums run smoothly.


mostly just readers, they try to write some, but being young, they still got a long way to go, then some tend to get frustrated when they don’t get as many reads as they want and end up losing interest.


I think all of us on Wattpad can understand that to some degree. It can get disheartening.


Hi! We’re open 24h! :wink:
I remember you from the beginning and The community was still a beta. You always had some good advice for writers. What are your expectations for this year?