Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


Here :coffee: This is one is on the house :wink:

Yeah, that’s pretty much sums up the Community.

Thanks! :blush: Yeah, it’s a popular Genre and one that brings a lot of controversies here in the forums…

How does Next work as a whole? Was your story complete before you were selected? Did WP help you with editing, cover or something like that? What have you liked more about it?

I’m a naturally curious person, so please don’t feel like you have to answer sth you’re not comfortable with. :blush:


Thank you! I’ve been a bit sparse as of lately, with a lot of things going on personally, but I still lurk daily even if I don’t leave replies! Things are switching up, though, so hopefully my voice can be a bit loud again, lol!

My personal expectations or expectations with Wattpad?

For myself, I’m finally getting back into the groove of writing. It wasn’t a lack of inspiration, but I was having a lack of motivation (life can do that sometimes!). I’ve got a few different works in progress, I’ve applied for Next and am amping up my query package again, and my blog is kicking off again. A few things all together, so I’m trying to keep positive!

As for Wattpad, big things. They’ve already unveiled so much in the first few months of the year. Opening up Next to applications, revealing Books (which is awesome), as well as the rebranding… I think there’s a lot of awesome things in the works!

How are you doing?


I was also wondering what NA was, had to google it.
Actually, I miss the good ol days when YA was Crestomancy, His Dark Materials, Narnia, Harry Potter, and other action packed adventures and fantasy books, now they’re mostly about how angry teenagers fall in love.

But I do have this belief though, that we shouldn’t sugar coat our stories for young adults. I guess that’s why I’m okay with some sex and violence.
But not explicit ones.

I have to ask though, what happened to the ‘Mature’ genre in Wattpad? and wasn’t there an LGBT genre as well?


Glad you’re feeling better! :blush:

Have you seen he has a course on the Art of Storytelling? https://www.masterclass.com/classes/neil-gaiman-teaches-the-art-of-storytelling

That’s really interesting! Do you mind telling the name of the company?


I’ve been reading in forums that tags are broken? It seems about right. It was glitching like crazy for me and now it’s just whacked.


It’s Precious Pages publishing company, they’ve been in the business since the 90’s I think, or earlier.
They have a kind of division called BlackInk, for their manga style comics and for their mostly horror/fantasy themed light novels.
They also have Lampara (lamp) or their children’s books, Red Room for their adult novels, and PrideLit for their LGBT audiences.
I’m currently writing for BlackInk and PrideLit


Whiskey is my go to. Waiting for the weekend for that. Focusing on studying right now.

I’m a 65 year old woman at heart and write romance novels, sometimes sci-fi. Sometimes a mix of both :joy::joy::joy:


sorry, my bad >.<
I actually meant genre
there are no genres for mature or LGBT content, I do remember using them before, but I can’t find them now.


I think we all go through that from time to time… Nice to hear things are switching up :beers:

I’m doing fine. This year, I have been able to organize my schedule in a way I can post regularly here, sth I was trying to do for some time now. Still waiting to see how things are going to progress with all the changes WP has made. But I’m optimistic.

I applied to be an Ambassador too? How has it been for you?


Also, people on this website are sensitive as hell and god forbid you don’t pander to them, you are instantly Satan. So I’m not on here for reads anymore. It’s a place to upload and if people want to read it, great, if not, I have other Facebook groups where I can get needed editing and review.


I’m optimistic but hopeful with the changes. Crossing my fingers that we can all see some positivity from the things going on!

Good to hear that you’re working things out!

I like being an Ambassador. It gives me things to do here when I’m just endlessly scrolling LOL. I feel like I’ve connected with a lot of people I otherwise wouldn’t have as well!


there are actually fb groups for that? can you share some of them to me?


I’ll take a vodka martini :tired_face:


Nice! I’ll google it, thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s one on the house :cocktail:


LOL The drinks are alcohool free. We’re just here for the virtual buzz. :wink:

Who’s your target audience?


So, joined several of my favorite authors Facebook groups. I made some good friends on there, and we read and edit each other’s pieces. So I’d suggest seeing if someone your favorites have FB groups. At least from my experience, you don’t go on there expecting services. Its an community where everyone shares experiences or asks for advice. It just worked out for me that someone of the people took interest in what I was doing and asked to take part.


Whoever enjoys reading feel good romance novels. I write MM. I try to stay clear from smut because books where the whole relationship is centered around sex just don’t make sense. It’s not realistic.

Oh, my lad, I’m here for more than a virtual buzz, boyo​:joy::joy: it’s just going to be my reward on Friday night.


Hi there! :cocktail:

Are you a writer, a reader, a writer/ reader? Are you here just for drink?


I get where you’re coming from because A LOT of authors do that, but not all the NA smutty books usually revolve around sex. I prefer there to be a plot and sex as an added bonus because that is an intrumental part in adult relationships.


I write and read. I try to binge at least one book per week on here. Mostly stuff from people I’ve bumped into on the forums.

I write new adult fantasy and I’m struggling to gain a dedicated audience on here. Magika is my first project, first book in what will be a trilogy. Follows the journey of a clueless maiden named Aldeheid. He’s your typical damsel in distress, and Kitaya is the fearless warrior who has to keep rescuing him. He makes it up to her by the end of the book though. The Wielder and the Source is its sequel.

Necromancy In D Minor is my current WiP. It’s a gothic fantasy starring a music teacher/necromancer fighting what’s essentially a zombie apocalypse.

I think I need a second drink.