Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


Oh, hey, I’ve seen you around in tags with this one as I like to check my placement in Necromancy tags. If I recall correctly, you’re doing well! Congrats


Oh trust me I know. Some of my favorites have a good chunk of both. The gern as a whole has improved greatly over the years, where a lot of the early ones were literally written porn, where now there’s actually a real story in there. These aren’t on WattPad, but if you want some good reads, check out “Smokey Mountain Dreams” by Leta Blake, and “Point of Contact” by Melanie Hansen.


Yeah some authors don’t seem to recognize the line between erotica and NA. I feel like erotica is just the porn without a plot, or a flimsy plot thats secondary to the porn, and NA is plot with some porn.


Or when it seems the whole plot is forgotten just so that the MC’s can fuck… Like oh hey we’re in this dangerous situation, but by golly let me suck you off. And I’m just laying there in my bed going “You are literally about to die wtf are you doing?”

Also, total side note. Just looked at your profile. Your covers are beautiful!


true, in my case though, I was asked to write a BL novel and then asked to add more lovey-dovey scenes since the relationship between the 2 male characters (according to them) were not defined enough.
I had to read a bl novel here in wattpad to know what level of ‘skinship’ they were looking for.
that was… let’s just say it was a smut one. was actually shocked with what was currently being written online. Did not reach said level though, but have been practicing ever since.


Yeah that’s true in movies as well sometimes. Right before a big battle they gotta stop to bone. I can get the whole, I’m about to die lets go out with a bang but damn you don’t have a lot of time for all this!

And thank you, I make all my own covers. I’m so bad at requesting since I never know what I want so just end up doing it myself. I do have a thread in the MDC.

A what novel?


That just sounds a tad like a hot mess… And I’d probably be a little bit offended if I was asked specifically to write more sex scenes, because if that’s the case, the reader is missing the entire point of the book and just wants to beat the meat.


Like I can understand a passionate kiss, but a lot of time it goes wayyyyy overboard. But like I’ve said, a lot of the stuff I read on Amazon has a good grasp on reality, but some of the stuff done here throws me for a good loop sometimes. My expectations are also lower here, obviously, but the initial shock value is still there, lol.

What softwares do you use?? I make my own covers, but they aren’t nearly that intricate.


I might steal The Brewseum, if that’s okay with you :smiley:


BL - it’s short for boy’s love
I think it comes from Shonen ai (shonen=boy ai=love) a genre from Japan


I use Photoshop CS6

Go for it! I just got the idea online searching. I enjoy quirky names for things.

Oh, that makes sense. I’ve only ever seen it refered to as boyxboy or malexmale


yep, and it sells.
well, they weren’t particularly looking for explicit scenes since it was a BL romance. also found out a lot of stuff while writing, like, you’re not supposed to mention ‘gay’ or anything about the LGBT community in a BL novel.
Doing so would automatically turn your novel into an LGBT novel (which is under pride literature) …
You people ever knew about that?
Turns out, if the characters have a ‘coming out’ scene, or if they realize that one of them is gay, then it’s not BL anymore. BL, it seems, is only about boys/men having fun or falling for another guy.


Thanks so much!


Have you tried the Writer’s Portal? They have some good stuff there about Audience.

Here’s another one:cocktail:


I didn’t even know that BL was a gern of book. That’s sounds weirdly complicated…


it is.
btw, currently reading your work. hope you don’t mind :smiley:


Nah, man, that’s what it’s up for! Haha. When I looked at my profile I saw the read count went from 22 to 24 and I was like :eyes::eyes:


I don’t mind trying to answer haha. Let’s see, my story was indeed complete when I was asked if I wanted to put it in the program. The Next program doesn’t do anything like edit my book line by line, but I can ask for help on things I’m struggling with. For instance if I was trying to write a fight scene and just absolutely bombing it, I could ask for help and I’d be given advice and examples to help me through it. They did get me a cover made from their graphics department (and I’ve credited the artist of course) and I absolutely love it. I’m… not good at covers lol. If I had to pick something I like the best about the program, it’s that I can chat with the other authors on a daily basis. We’re all going through it as a community and we give each other advice, ideas, and memes all day long.


It all sounds amazing, thanks! :blush:

I just saw the book cover and it’s indeed very nice! Do you plan on traditional publishing or self-publishing?


Hah, Life Time :joy:

I haven’t read SJ Mass, so I can’t say. The type I write is more like… Half Bad by Sally Green type of stuff. Dark, nitty gritty and gory. Dives into a lot of mental illness related issues too, so the darkness comes from there most of the time - mixed with some violence and stuff.

And then it’s for an older audience. :smile:

Honestly no. But I’m on the threads all the time anyways, so it’s not like I’m doing a whole lot I wasn’t doing before.

I mean… My smutty books are doing fine :joy: Even the chapters with sex scenes have more reads than the chapters next to them, indicating people come back just to read those, hahahah.