Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


Necrophilia is - but it can be implied. Just not “on screen”

Rape is all about context, I think. I’m not the best with the content guidelies. (should’ve been a content mod hahahah)


Honestly? I didn’t know if I would have the bravery to self publish. Would I traditionally publish? I think I would someday, but because of the Next support I’m honestly content to stay here where I am. I was actually looking around the publishing world to see about the steps I’d want to take to get an agent, but now that Next has invited me on board I’ve stayed here rather than removing books that I would have possibly taken down soon to work on and query. So I guess you could say that thanks to Next, not only are my books still here, but I’ve almost doubled my output of content that I put out a week because I’ve gotten so much support and motivation to stay here and make the best of my Wattpad community. Who knows, maybe I’ll never take my books away to a publisher now, I like it here.


Hi there. I’m Scar (no I didn’t come up with it and yes it’s a Lion King reference) and I clicked on this thread because the title made me smile. Currently, I’m watching a movie I’m writing a screenwriting analysis for and painting my nails.


Listen. I have been everywhere. There’s no corner of WP I haven’t seen. I’ve taken classes. I’ve been to workshops. I’ve even to been to writer retreats. I have employed every tip, trick and technique in the book. Nothing is working.


I feel like it’s only other authors who look at tags :thinking:


I honestly don’t pay much attention to tags. I was looking at my placements in them and taking screenshots on app of where I placed


I haven’t looked at them in ages. I think it’s unwise to rely on the tags to gain traction.


I don’t, I just like noting my highest score in tags. However, isn’t that how people find stories outside of other people’s libraries and whatnot?


Thanks for the answers, Sabrina! It’s nice to get more info from a writer’s perspective. I really hope it all works well for you! :blush:


Thanks! And my inbox is always open for questions.

But man, I wish I was home writing right now instead of at my day job :tired_face:


Hi Scar! Glad it put a smile on your face :slight_smile: How are you enjoying Wattpad? Have you been here for a long time?




Aw, thanks! I might take you up on that someday… :orange_heart:

Stop by again when you have some more time to chat or to share some advice. :blush:


I am a reader/writer, hoping to be an ambassador (fingers crossed I get it this time), and I am also here to settle down with a drink (Seven and seven please!)

My experience has been great so far. I’ve made quite a few friends here that I chat with regularly, I’ve gotten to share the stories floating around in my head with the community, and managed to actually get some readers somehow in the process. I think my favorite part hasn’t even been the reading or writing, it’s been responding to people who comment on my story.

As for 2019 expectations, my focus is on finishing my current book and starting the last book in my little series, and hopefully becoming an ambassador. I applied last round and wasn’t accepted, but I’m hopeful.


Which team did you apply for?


I chose content. But I really think I’d be an excellent fit for content, engagement, or outreach. I’m equally interested in all three.


I’ve seen other ambassadors said it took them a few times before they got accepted so :man_shrugging: Keep trying I guess.


Hi there! Here you go :tropical_drink:

That’s amazing! What kind of comnents do you usually get? What do you write?


Right now I’m working on a mafia romance. It’s usually just people’s reactions which I love. It’s cool to see how people feel when they read different parts of my story. What about you?


I made my account in 2015, but I really only started using Wattpad in early 2016. I first went onto the clubs later in the year and have been using them a lot since then. I am liking it a lot, and I really like the monetization (is that how that’s spelled) direction it’s going - gives me hope that I really can write for my full-time job.