Tales Of Wattpaders ( AKA Having a drink in the middle of a work day)


start by putting some info in your community profile.
I was looking for your wattpad link. there is nothing there, only a big
“This user’s public profile is hidden.”
if someone was to read one of your works, what would you suggest?
said someone is interested in dark gore.


Hello! I’m mostly a writer with a touch of reader in me :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t read a whole lot here but the stuff I have gotten through has been fantastic (lots of creative wonderful works out there)

I joined sometime last year after completing a story for national novel writing month and found wattpad by googling “places to share stories online” so far it’s been a fun ride. I like to hang out in the Improve Your Writing section and suck up all the tips I can. As for what’s worked and what hasn’t I’m still sort of figuring that out. So far I’ve used a different style of planning and a different tone in each of my stories and I’m still experimenting to find what I like best.

My expectations for 2019 are to finally write that fantasy novel I’ve been wanting to start.

And while we’re talking about grabbing drinks I think I’ll pour myself a nice stout :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool! I write Contemporary Romance. Do people usually have good reactions or are they mad at characters sometimes too? :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m excited to see how things will progress for Wattpad too. What do you write?


This is a nice advice! Also connecting your wattpad profile link to your Community profile. It makes it easier for people to find you on Wattpad.


Haha it really depends. I’d say 99% of the comments have been positive even when they are frustrated with the characters, and I’ve loved that. There are some darker themes - not just mafia-specific - and that’s where the sliver of negative comments have come in. Some people can be really judgmental about the characters without understanding that someone who went through that exact situation could be reading and seeing their words.


Hi! Cheers! :beers:

How was the experience of writing for National novel month like? Was it your first novel? What do you write?


Yeah, I don’t take those kind of comements to heart too really. I see it like people are involved with the story somehow and what I wrote impacted them in a way. :slight_smile:


It’s un-privated now. I don’t even remember when I did that but whatevs.

As for recommendations, it would depend on what they’re in to. Magika is a bit faster paced, has action right off the bat (and all the way through), and elements of humour. The MC (Aldeheid) is male, although there are chapters from Kitaya’s perspective. The book is still, largely, about him.

Necromancy In D Minor is slower paced, leans more on elements of mystery rather than action. The MC is female and a lot more mentally stable than my ragtag crew from Magika. And there are a few chapters from the PoVs of side characters.

They’re both very different in the way that the were written. I planned Magika meticulously from the beginning to the end – all the world building, characters, settings etc. Necromancy In D Minor was written/is being written completely from my head with no plan whatsoever. The only think I knew when I started was the main character’s name. Everything was made up when it became relevant.


hmm… a lot of badass smart female characters, I guess. And sarcasm.


NaNoWriMo was a bit intense. There were ups and downs to it for sure, it was great for establishing the habit of writing a little bit each day and when I finished it was sort of confidence boosting there was this great feelimg of “holy shit I can’t believe I did that”. But the daily grind atyle of it wasn’t really how I’d want to work all the time. To win you need to write 1667 words a day which is a huge amount and I’ve met lots of people here who can do more than that, but I’ve also met an equal amount of people who do less, and I found myself writing for quantity instead of quality. At the end of it I chopped off the first 20,000 words of the story and rewrote the beginning which I didn’t care for. I’d rather write only 100 words of good stuff a day than 1000 words that I’ll throw away later

It was my first novel and first time I’ve ever completed a story


I did NaNoWriMo too :smile: By that time I had joined twitter and the support there was awesome.


How did you find it? :slight_smile:


It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and it was my third successful NaNo. I managed to finish a few days early. It was hard keeping up with an update schedule here on WP on top of meeting the word count every day. I was getting up early (before work) to get a head start, or writing when I couldn’t sleep.


Nice! :beers:


I don’t know if I could ever do NaNo. I find that when I have my writing accomplishments based on a large number of words per day, I write a lot of extra junk that if I were going to edit it when I’m done writing, I would have to delete because it doesn’t do much. I also prefer trying to have a good first draft because I dislike editing in pretty much all its forms. I would rather have 400 words of actual story than 2000 words of rambling that doesn’t do anything but adds to the word count.

But the thought of writing an entire story of 30 days is an amazing one.


Wow! It was your first novel? Amazing to have it finished in a month! Congrats! :beers:


Right?! I’m always amazed when I see people doing it. I don’t know if it’s for me either, but I have to agree it’s a great accomplishment!


I would totally consider doing it when I’m not in school and definitely if I were writing professionally, if only to practice my WPD, put a fun project here on Watty, and to get my name out there socially.


I agree it’s not for everyone. It’s hard getting into that rigorous rhythm, especially if you’re a slow writer. But it helped me out a lot. And I also think of it as a way to bond with other writer since there’s a lot of camaraderie involved.