Talk, Talk : build friendship



Hello everybody!

I’d love to exchange with you about eveything, literature, your novels, stories, or hobbies , music… :wink:

This thread is open to everyone who is willing to meet and make new friends, or just have a little talk about every subject you’d like to talk about.

Feel completely free to join the thread whenever you want to.

Hope to talk with you asap :smiley:




Hi ! :slight_smile:


nice meeting you. let’s talk about music, what songs do you listen to?


Nice to meet you too!
Well I listen to a lot of rock , ballad, and pop music also rap, especially Japanese rock bands such as The Gazette; Glams, One Ok Rock and Versailles, I like visual kei. And also listen to Korean music, especially bands as Big Bang, FtIsland , and The Rose. About rap I like Jay Park, and many others.

What about you?


i listen to kpop, afrobeat, hip-hop, r&b and rap
my favorite kpop band is Exo and my favorite afrobe singer is wizkid i don’t know if you know about him. and i also listen to tinashe and beyonce and in rap Nicki Minaj




Hey :hibiscus:


I like Exo as well !
Oh I just now by name ^^
I love Beyonce and Nicki’s rap is dope, she’s a good rapper :slight_smile:


Yes ! Nice to meet a VIP here ! :smile:


Hi there :relaxed:


My music taste is honestly all over the place I can go from listening to Jeremy Zucker to Jay Z to listening to the entire Cheetah girls 2 soundtrack :joy:


yeah, she is a good rapper. he’s good maybe you should check him out. have you listen to their latest song?


everywhere :smile::smile:


Yes I’ve listened to the song of Exo and I like it a lot :slight_smile: Who’s your favorite member ?


Can’t join about kpop talk here since idk any kpop groups tbh. ( I know CNBlue but thats it and they arent actually kpop but more like korean pop-rock) But hey I spotted OOR and felt summoned. I love them. Well … to be real I used to love them more, their more current stuff hasn’t been my cup of tea ever since they try to go more international. But still Taka’s voice is everything so no matter what music they make it will end up being good.


I guess I am the only one who hates music (drop the hate on me lol)

Like I sometimes listen to the radio and its relaxing and all but I never get the hype

Except big shaq, thats cool


I agree they’re trying to get international but yes Taka’s voice is really beautiful , I still listen to their old songs :slight_smile:

Is there any Japanese bands that you listen to?


Same, all their older albums are regulars in my playlists haha.

Uh I listen to quite a few. Currently my favorites are Radwimps, SEKAI NO OWARI, Yonezu Kenshi (not a band just a dude but he’s awesome) and for years I love Arashi (male idol group) . As for j-rock, since this seems more your genre I also like MY FIRST STORY and used to be rly into Miyavi and SuG , still listen to it sometimes but not as much anymore.


I know you didn’t ask me BUT

I love Minseok, Chanyeol and Kyungsoo!!! They’re my biases. Chen is in that awkward position where he’s less than a bias but more than a bias wrecker lol