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how are you ?



Alright, what’s up with Wattpad stories having the (female, obviously) MC thinking she has a “perfect” life? I am near positive there is not one person in the history of ever that has thought their life is “perfect”.


I agree. It’s a really weird cliche. I know I enjoy my life and it would be weird for a major wrench to be thrown in it, but my life is nowhere near perfect.

I can see an MC missing peace or familiarity but a perfect life? Mmmmmmm, just doesn’t seem realistic.


Good indeed if you call pink eye good


lol i don’t know if i’d call pink eye good


I wouldn’t either


how are you ?


My swollen rn because of the pink eye.


you still have pink eye? are you sure it’s pink eye because usually pink eye doesn’t last this long


Well it is conjunctivitis


oh well that makes sense now


Yeah now I have a black eye


omg you are accident prone aren’t you lol ?