talking about getting people here


And especially complain if they don’t like these forums!

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Not gonna lie, it’s driving me nuts we can’t get more people complaining over here when I see them complain over there. I’m like guuyyyyssss wattpad wants to listen so go whine to where they want to listen! stomps feet :laughing:


The funny part is… people complain about using this site too much to even complain on the site.


My favorite is when people are “well wattpad never listens to us” yet here is @uncleL practically jumping around naked screaming “whine to me!” And trying. Can she do everything we whine about? Of course not. But shes listening and trying!


And even we share it’s like we’re invisible. Hello, we’re here to help your rants being heard! :wave: :clap:


It’s just so hard to validate them saying it sucks here when they haven’t tried it in a meaningful way to give us useful feedback.

Yes, there are some things about these forums that are immediately evident to users as pain points (infinite scroll, a different look, no CSS) but we need to weigh those pain points against all the positive things we get from making this switch (a better notification system for the future, more features, easier ability to test new ideas for layout / rules, and get more people from different depts inside HQ in here talking with you all). So I need people to at least try this for like, a few hours THEN tell me if they feel it’s not worth losing that other stuff.


I admit that the initial shock reaction was there for me like the others are having, but once I had time to fully explore everything just by playing around I found the positives out weighed what I found as a negative. So I think if people gave it a legit chance they might be surprised.


Hm… I’m thinking two options right now: a) bribing users or b) temporarily shutting down the old threads for maybe a day or so and redirecting traffic to the beta. Drastic but… it’ll get people’s attention.


The latter one will cause a serious rage. There will probably be rage when/if these clubs become official as is even with people being allowed to give feedback.


Ha! No no, that sounds wonderfully chaotic but would just lead to more pain plus we do want to have Wattpad login before everyone is sent here


Causing a rage is the point, though.

So, then, people know what might be happening, so they can speak out against it.

Hm… is it possible to PM everyone about it automatically?


But yes, let’s talk about bribes. Any ideas about how to bribe people to join?

We’re derailing the thread again. Oops.


Yeah maybe @uncleL should do that splitting thing to get the off topic non-tag ranking posts into a different thread :laughing:


It would be except that it’s really hard for us to know who is even using Clubs. I just had an engineer find out how many people have ever created a thread in MDC and it was quite a feat to get done. Btw, want to guess how many ?


Current clubs or beta clubs? Current clubs…I don’t think I want to know. I’m guessing in the millions :laughing:


Does the promise of talking directly to wattpad’s co-founder who created the Clubs in the first place sound like a good offer?


Trying to think of other enticing things to offer


This is ONLY in MDC


I’m still thinking in the millions given how long the MDC has been around and that probably only the Cafe is more active.


Cons of sending it to non-club users, too?

Uh… I don’t know. 2k people?

For some people, sure, but not for everyone.