Target Audiences?

I don’t really know where to ask this, but I am confused about Target Audiences so I thought I’d ask my fellow fogeys:

I really don’t get it. I’ve even read the explanation and I still don’t get it. They say you don’t need to have it, and no-one can see it, but somehow it is helpful. I can see to a certain extent that it can reflect the age of the protagonists, but what if you are writing about a young elf who is 30 years old? The Hobbit was a children’s story, but the protagonist was 60-odd. It seems to be excluding audiences to me, and I can’t see how that is desirable.

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The target audience is the age range that you’re books are aimed towards. So if you’re writing for young teens, teens, young adults, and adults. It doesn’t have anything to do with the characters in your book


It has to do with the level of Sex and Violence in your book as well.

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This new feature helps target your audience (teenagers, 20+ year olds, adults). You can figure out your audience age-range if you go into the “Stats” section under “My Stories” and click “Demographics”.

For my second WIP, this is what my Demographics look like; the majority of my readers for this book are between 18-25 years old (as seen pictured below), so I would choose “New Adult” for my Target Audience for this book to gain more traction/readers in that age group.


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What if your book is open to anyone, or any adult? Young Adults are adults too. If you could pick a range I could see the point.

Isn’t that the “Mature” rating?

But if you have those demographics you have already had that story up for a while, yet we give a Target Audience when we first create the story. You have a sizable number of 18-25 year olds, do you really want to abandon any traction with other groups?

It’s not that it’s limiting the book to only being read by those ages, it’s mostly for wattpad to know who to advertise your book to.

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People find my work all the time, no matter their age. It’s helpful for Wattpad to know how to advertise your book to on and off the website.

And besides, the gold section is private, so who knows what age group that is, and that’s the biggest section out of the chart.

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Not actually. Mature is for Sex and Violence in the extreme.

Children’s Books (8-13 years of age) should have no Sex and no Violence in them whatsoever. Furthermore they should maintain a positive outlook overall.

Teen Books should contain no Sex and at their worst, only mild Violence – perhaps someone is abused or being ignored, or is hurtful towards themselves or towards others. But still, there is No Sex. These books can contain angst and perhaps social dilemmas, but no cruelty for the sake of enjoyment, nor any underage sex.

Young Adult Books (18-25 years of age) should be about exploring one’s sexuality and personality, and coming of age. Any Sex depicted (if at all!) should be mild and not described graphically, and the Violence not sadistic nor gory.

Adult Books (25 years and up) can be about anything. Go nuts. Be as graphic and kinky and gory as you care to be. But if your story is graphic or kinky or gory, it should also be labeled Mature.


I am very happy for you. I have rather less readers, and if what you say is true then if Wattpad is promoting my story only to children it will not help much, although it may explain the rather weird “You’ll also like” selection next to my story.

I didn’t realise that you could make your age private, I simply lied about it (I’ll have to go back and remove it entirely). But that does mean this very large group of people in your profile are not recieving advertising about your story. But as you say, people find your work all of the time.

This sort of ranking I could certainly understand, but that is not exactly what the ambassador seems to be saying, or the web-site I linked to in the op. If you rank your happy-go lucky story with no sex and violence as Children’s only children get to hear about it through Wattpad. Good luck if your happy-go lucky story with no sex and violence is not actually a children’s story per se.

Okay, it seems I can’t just delete my falsified age. How do I say my age is none of any one’s business any more than my gender is?

As well as understanding Genres - Science Fiction or Romance or Fantasy or Paranormal or Horror or Adventure – an author also needs to understand the concept of Target Audience – Children or Teenager or New Adult or Adult or Mature.


How would you rate the The Hobbit?

By picking a target audience, you don’t eliminate everyone else that doesn’t fit! Primary is the key word here, books like Harry Potter were marketed as Middle Grade/YA but plenty of adults read them.

On the business side of things, if you plan to ever formally publish(aka make money off your work), you better have a target audience in mind or your stories have a higher risk to flop, so the “it’s for everyone” mentality isn’t recommended.


I don’t really know. I’ve never read it. Assuming it has only light sex and mild violence, it would be Young Adult. If it has no sex, it can be rated Teen. :slight_smile:

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Not really, I’m just trying to understand why Wattpad is imposing this headache on me every time I write a story. I can understand a rating system as suggested by @HardeeBurger, I can even understand the idea of Target Audiences, I just don’t understand the inability to opt-out.

As someone has already stated – they’re doing it as per the demands of their advertisers. :slight_smile:

Here’s some privacy information from Wattpad that might be helpful.

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