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Hi, i’m @tashtypes and i’m offering my critique service.

I will critique one chapter only. However, it can be any chapter you wish. Just note that critiquing a chapter in the middle of the story compared to the first chapter may result in shorter critiques, as I will not have any idea of the story or plot.

book title:
chapter to be critiqued: title or number of chapter
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A 2+ sentence on Chapter One of my novel Death by Disney AND adding it to a public reading list.

Payment will need to be done before I complete your critique. due to people previously not fulfilling payment after i have critiqued their work


Hi. You’re in the wrong section for this. This really should be under Critiques and feedback.


hi, yep, i just realised as i posted it =) its been changed


I saw it change right after I clicked to post the reply.
Good luck with your critiquing. :slight_smile:


I’d like my first chapter of Judge’s Vanquish to be looked at!

book title: Judge’s Vanquish
summary: Vanessa Trent is a Fallow - a woman past the age of 21 who is unwed and with no children. Where many see it as a curse, Vanessa sees it as freedom. She employs this freedom to make a decision that will forever change her life. In order to support her father and siblings that are drowning in debt, she sells herself as a dancer to the court of Ryne. It is there that she meets the reserved Judge Troy Collins, and a forbidden passion spurs between the two. He challenges everything that she ever was, and everything she wants to be.

genre: Romance
chapter to be critiqued: Chapter 1 - The Decision

payment complete? Not yet, but on it tomorrow!





book title: Zeitgeist

summary: Aaliyah Zarren’s job is in trouble.

After a mysterious scandal puts her public relations’ firm on edge, Aaliyah is one step closer to becoming unemployed.

Octavio Castellano makes a horrible decision.

Ever since he was betrayed in his last relationship, Octavio is sick and tired of deceit. He begins to question everything he’s known as he harbors the loss of identity, but gains the desire for revenge and lust.

When they realize that they need each other for their jobs, the lines between their careers and personal lives are blurred to a point of no return.

genre: Romance

chapter to be critiqued: 1 please

payment complete? I will complete if I’m accepted :))


ill get onto your critique as soon as payment is done - let me know when youve done it =)


accepted. please complete the payment and let me know when its completed.


I just completed the payment :slight_smile:


thank you. ill get onto your critique either later tonight or tomorrow first thing when i wake =)


Hi Tash,

I’ll read your first chapter. Mine has gone through quite a few revisions over the last few weeks, and now I’m afraid I have a mis-mash of different tones or that the male MC is now whiny or that I’ve ruined how compelling it used to be by adding in everything every reader wanted to see. bleahhh…

anyway, you may understand!

title: Silver Glass
summary: Sardonic sixteen-year-old Dulcie Stone knows what happens when she tells people how they die: they live in fear and still die exactly as her visions predict. When she foresees the death of her environmentalist classmate Anselm Nichols, she’s shocked: he drowns when he’s still about sixteen. No one’s ever been this close to their death before.

Concerned by her reaction to his death, Anselm won’t leave her alone. And with each passing day, Dulcie grows less and less certain that she wants him to. But the closer Anselm gets to Dulcie, the closer he gets to the horrible truth that will ruin the rest of his short life.

genre: paranormal
chapter: 1
payment: doing it now

Thank you!




your critique will be done either later tonight or tomorrow at the latest. sorry for the delay. something unavoidable has messed with my schedule haha.


book title: The Disease Called Men
summary: Who needs boys? Certainly not Aldenbury Girls Grammar School!

Just when everything begins to finally fall into place, it falls apart—at least, for student council president Cerise. Cerise will do everything in her power to prevent Aldenbury from becoming co-ed. That includes bribery, coercion and maybe even the use of blackmail (which she may or may not have orchestrated the events herself). Along with her loyal, albeit reluctant group of friends, she has one goal in her mind:

Eliminate this disease called men.
genre: Teen Fiction
chapter to be critiqued: 3 (first Chapter)
payment complete? starting now.

Thank you for your time. :relaxed:


Book title: Darkness Embodied
Summary: For twenty years, Jensen Avery has been raised with the knowledge that at the rise of the moon on her twenty-first birthday, she will murder her twin brother. It is a tradition that she had been born to carry-out.

She is the all-powerful monster of her people; destined for glory; destined for isolation.

Jensen has never wanted to be the monster the world takes her for, but a tragedy shakes her life and rocks her resolve. For the first time, she begins to genuinely fear for the very state of her soul. She could see the darkness forming in her eyes and she knew that it would consume her if she stayed.

So she ran.

She didn’t expect to get far and she didn’t expect to meet Kaleo. An unexpected and volatile partnership, the longer she stays with him, the closer she grows to losing the best parts of herself.

It is a lesson she learned long ago: darkness cannot sire light and monsters cannot truly love.

But, is it a lesson that she will continue to heed?
Genre: Dark Fantasy/werewolf
Chapter to be critiqued: Chapter 3 || https://www.wattpad.com/631003450-darkness-embodied-chapter-3-part-2 ||
Payment: completed!


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