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Because then it isnt a challenge


XD idk I saw it on another forum. I don’t even remeber what forum but I was bored and didn’t want just another “I’m Bored, Let’s Make Friends” chat XD


Fair enough. Hey Terry xD

You seem to be popping up and disappear really frequently today.


Yeah, lots of those “friends” type threads floating around but those are good too.


I’m sorry i’ve been really scatterbrained today…i’ll try better to be here


Yeah totally, I just felt like being different I guess. And I also thought it would be a fun excersize, especially for writers to have to think creatively in order to say what you want to say.


No, I do that alot too. Nothing wrong with it. How are you holding up?


If i’m going to be truthful, not very well. Having a confidence crisis at the moment.


You always try to be go that extra mile in everything you do. It really shows ^-^


Pm me Terry


Aw thanks :relaxed:


Terry you can message me whenever you know, you’re never bothering me when you do just letting you know if you still need to vent


thank you joy


You’re an amazing person Terry, so try not to underestimate yourself. You know I’m always here if you ever need to talk anything out.


Also if I don’t reply right away don’t worry about it, I’ll always reply eventually


you guys are so nice and supportive…i wish more people were like you guys


Terry we love you. And are always here when you need us


Thank you Lex.

Anyway i’m gonna go eat now. I’ll be back soon.


Alright you go enjoy dinner


@RobotAmbassador fortune

do you like talking to me