Tea Sipper's Society


It is sad


no eye contact and talks with person you like ish so much torture Dx
why he be so mean


If we dont talk then eyecontact. Why does he have to go out of his way to help me sometimes. Even if I don’t ask DX


I did xD

but this is new book! D:
there should be special mention for bearfam Dx


because he sees Lexus someone speshul, but he can’t say it and don’t know what to do Dx he su confusing, he make mellon want to stab her eyes


I made you guys as group Dx new friends especially having mutuals part


fiiiine D:
I will just wait future chapter special mentions o.o


xDD fine fine


I am awaiting it!


I gotta go o.o

am at destination cx



xDD okaayyyyy


Bye bye o.o


Am i a part of your story or no?


am out on a date c;


am not part o.o so you defo not part v.v


blehh ja ne~


This is three years ago happening stuff so only three people I still am friends with today is in the story. I eventually break ties with everyone in the book so if I made you a character in it you would be a bad guy >.<


Have fun!




Lumi is in the story cuz they were the one that made me realize I should just leave the site years ago. Like that everything I knew was superficial