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Got the notif since my phone has it for discord


OOOO I will be reading it!!! xD

& that’s good!!!

I’ve been good! Fighting sinuses though xD


If you want xD I feel the book is mostly going to be about friendships tho due to needing to explain what wattpad threads were like in the day

Oh no I hope you get better <3


well talking about friendship is good though xD

Thank you <3 luckily its not that bad.


Yeah it’s kinda the whole reason why I met Vincent too tbh xD

That’s good, being sick sucks a lot


shocked at the number of people who went to read my book


Hopes I’m not the next “my Wattpad love” and starts a second wave of girls hunting for boyfriends on threads


Tbh I would laugh super hard


Those days were hell tbh XD


I know I was active then xD but I would just to watch the chaos


XDD I remember all the threads about “are there boys here?” Like they’re looking for a unicorn


lol those were the days huh XD


Oh man they were fun. I remember whenever there was an actual guy you can see girls you never seen before post the strangest crap on their message boards


Yeah i felt so bad for the guys back in those days XD

Getting like a million notifications every day from desperate girls


Oh and the users with gender neutral profiles even tho they weren’t guys had it bad too, I felt sorry for them but it was funny to talk about


One guy I knew had muted a girl and she made a second account just to talk to him and she was professing her love for him even tho they just met


:ok_hand: Logic


I think she got the hint after he muted her a second time


Did that stuff happen to Vincent back then?


hello someone is pregnant in the other thread and i dont want details on how that happened so i will stay here o.o