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xD best way to listen




Just came to work so I can eat now


y’all the tea was scalding at school today.


Ah I realize we should pick a thread to jump onto next



This might be it


Killing of threads


We still have like 2k more posts guys lmao




I am on my period


Hate it


uhm… okay o.o as a woman, i dont know whether i should be disturbed that you’re openly saying this or just fine with it because periods are a normal thing that happen to every woman on this earth.


Periods are normal O.o it’s nothing to be embarrassed about


I went to an all girl’s school so no one was ever discreet bout this shit even in front of male teachers


But periods have a huge stigma for some reason. I only announce I’m on my period cuz I’m moody during this time and if I snap at people don’t be surprised XD


i know. but i still get embarrassed >-< and i shouldnt. but oh well


yeah i get that. i’m a hot head on regular days. so when i’m on my period… it’s worse. much worse XD


XD I also grew up with Thai culture and Thai people never get embarrassed bout periods since the female body never really has been condemned


Yeah same here tbh