Tea Time // A chat for everyone



Is it better than Green Tea? I smelled it before and not so great


Green tea is actually amazing

And it’s really good for you


I’ll buy one as soon as I can xD


How old are you if I may ask?


I’m 20 how about you?


Green tea is the best!! Just sayin xD


I am 18 years old. :slight_smile:


You’re so young :blush::gift_heart:


Aww thank you, you are young too! :heart:


Thank you!!! :blush:


image This sonnngg!!!


Loll yes ! Gotta love nature am I right?


I love nature


Same. It’s the most beautiful thing


I love winter it’s so pretty. I want spring so I can hear the brids in the morning


Yess omg ikr spring is so gorgeous


what’s good everyone


Never been on Wattpad before… Am I doing this correctly? How can I get people to read stuff? PLZ send halp


So… I literally just got a laptop and did not know this existed so I have no idea what I am doing nor how to work this ahhhh


I haven’t been using Wattpad since I was freshman in high school 6 years ago. Sooooo much has changed!