Tea Time // A chat for everyone



All who said they were new feel free to private message me!! I can help


Dude I know it’s crazyy


I can’t wait for the flowers to come up


Yess! What’s your favorite flower?


Roses and sunflowers


I love the rain in the spring time.


Yess sunflowers are so gorgeous

Also you’re right rain is sort of the best


heyy <3 what r u guys talking abt?


I love all seasons. But spring time is the best. Everything is coming to life again after a cold Winter


Yea! It’s very beautiful and symbolic


Nature!! Lol.

How are you?


I love listening to frogs and crickets


The most soothing sounds ever (besides 50’s Jazz)


Yes. I love a clear blue sky with the sun hitting the trees with a slight breeze.


Yess ! Very soothing.

I love the way the sun streams in the window of my local coffee shop just perfectly in the summer.


Or the fresh air after a thunderstorm




good! soz fr the late reply