Team Building (Open)



Hello, my fellow Wattpaders (and possibly others?).

I have been on Wattpad for 3 years, have been doing most of my writing in the past 2 years. I am thinking more and more seriously about writing as a career with each day, but since before this past year I was doing it more for the escape and opportunity to express my emotions, I never edited!

So, I want to try to maybe build a team to help me edit my stories, and to start with, I want to start with my main series, and one of the oldest: the Legend Series.

I am willing to pay for services by reading or following as well as giving mentions and credit to any and all who join and decide to help with the task of editing the Legend Series with me. I need people willing to help me edit four books worth of content, or maybe just one of them to start with, depends on those who decide to help and you can stop at any time, work at your own pace, I don’t care. I just need the help.

Other than editors, I need critiques and people willing to help give feedback. The good, the bad and the ugly. It’s a thing I will need to get used to reading/hearing.

Also, if someone is willing to offer any other services for this, feel free to contact me!

If this thing is not allowed to be posted, then please tell me so I can take get it taken down.

Any help is welcome, but the first one is the one needing the most work overall.

Thank you and have a good day/night, feel free to message me at any time of day or night!


(PS. I forgot to mention, anyone in the team I will be willing to help out as well, it won’t benefit just me, it will hopefully go towards helping the entire team, exchange services and what not. I am willing to run through and point out things and critique your writing, no matter how good or bad you think it may be, I’ll point out what I like, what I don’t understand and what could use some work as well as some harsher judgment if you wish!)

I need writer friends!

Honestly, if you’re thinking of pro writing, I’d hire pro editors. They’re not cheap but they’re worth it.

Otherwise, you’ll get better results searching for editors here: #story-services

Good luck!


Well, I don’t really have the means of hiring anyone and I still have a few years before I can really think of saying what my career will be but I do want to get my stuff ready so I won’t have as much work heading into the future


Sounds like you want to form a good writers group to me, where you can swap your work with others and give them critiques and edits in return. Story services is best for that, but I also suggest looking on other sites. If you’re in post secondary, meeting other creative art students is a good place to find others.


I’m still in high school but my graduation is getting close, 2020, where I live there aren’t any people like me that I know, and I’ve started online school recently, but I’ll look in story services but most people in there have other jobs and stuff they’ve taken on, I figured putting a thread out here will help me find someone not already working on other requests as it will take a while, and finding someone who has other requests on their threads is difficult if there’s a ton of people requesting their services, which is most people advertising their services


I agree with AW! There’s some great editors in #story-services :blush:


can you link me to some then?


Overall, I want to build a supportive, reliable team/group though


I’d start by looking for people asking for the same thing as you in story services and offer to help them :slight_smile:


Hello there!
If you want to form a team or group that can exchange critiques and the likes with each other, then this thread is better suited in #story-services:book-clubs . Also, you can browse the #story-services:critiques-and-feedback threads to find someone who can provide those services for your books. A moderator will be along to move your thread to book clubs.
Thanks for understanding!

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I moved this thread (as the Community Ambassador suggested) and am reopening it


Still open


Still open, nobody has even looked into forming a team




When you want I can give you Feedback and my opinion. :slight_smile: I can tell you what is good or what I don’t understand and so on.


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