Teaser contest game

Let your writing speak for itself! I propose a basic contest that also advertises your story by providing a teaser of your story. Genre doesn’t matter. So long as it follows the rules of the site, does it matter?

The contest is simple and the masses are the judge!. If you wish to be a contender do the following:

  1. Fill out the following form
    Text: Now put in between 10 and 2000 characters of your story. Not a summary. You take a piece of your story directly out and put it here. Let it speak for itself. My advice is to select the best of your text. The text that describes the story at its best.
  2. There is no step 2!

Thats it. No pictures. No information except the text. Take the text directly out of your story and put it up. If you call yourself a writer amongst writers, then pretty pictures shouldn’t be speaking for the writing!

If you want to be a judge, which there is no limit to, then do the following:

  1. Read the contenders. If you don’t like it, then naturally skip it and move on. Don’t hurt yourself!
  2. Heart the contest posts. How many? As many as you want, and as many as you like. If you don’t like it, then don’t heart it.
  3. Thats about it.

You can be both contender and judge. There is no rule saying to be one or the other, but please take the time to judge others with hearts before throwing yourself into the ring. Otherwise we just get an imbalance of a lot of contenders without any judges!

For the sake of the kids, please don’t use mature content. <3

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It took a few minutes for Lukiel to regain his senses. He tried to sit up, but the discomfort discouraged the idea. The best he could do was roll onto his back. When he opened his eyes, he found his surroundings pitch dark, save for the minuscule twilight that shone through a tiny window across the room.

He couldn’t see well enough to know where he was. The only discernible feature was the uncomfortably hard floor beneath him.

He tried to stretch his legs when he noticed a painful stiffness in his muscles. His foot bumped something, and a metallic clink reached his ears. It startled him enough that he flinched. A thought occurred to him then, and he reached out to feel the area next to him.

His hand found several metal bars. Was he in a cage?

Memories of ten years ago flashed through his mind, and his anxiety began to spike. There was no way they could have … Did they find him again?

His thoughts strayed when he heard the door rattle open. He glanced in that direction and immediately regretted it. Faint though it was, the light from the torches in the hall hurt his eyes. He caught a glimpse of a silhouette before he had to turn away again, but he didn’t know who had entered the room.

A gruff chuckle came from the doorway. “Look who’s awake. Now I can have my fun, and there’s no one here to stop me.”

Lukiel tensed. He remembered now what happened at the house.

Tajali had left to pick up supplies from the shop. During that time, Lukiel was jumped by a group of strangers who had broken in. He couldn’t see their faces because they were covered with bandanas, and they hit him with a shot of silver to stop him from fighting back. But before he passed out, he heard someone talk about having “fun.” Someone else told the pervert he had to wait until they got back to their hideout because Tajali was returning, and they didn’t want to be seen.

Adrenaline gave Lukiel the strength to push himself into an upright position. Once his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw he was indeed locked in a metal cage, and he could vaguely make out a few features within the silhouette’s face. The stranger was a man - and there were fangs protruding from that crooked smile.


Ohhh I like how it ends on a cliffhanger. Dark and ominous, slow progression to wakefulness where each stage has deeper problems for the guy.

although it is a slight put off that the guy has fangs… and is seemingly described as a pervert.

They say that time heals all wounds, but that’s not how it worked out for me. The scars of my youth that I’d carved into my heart still ached, even after all this time. Most days the regret caressed me with a faint touch, but some days, like today, it burned.


I don’t think we’re supposed to be sharing links in this section so I’ll just tell you that this next scene is from Dragonriders

We can’t get out through the main exit, thought Lyria. The drawbridge makes too much noise. We’ll have to pass by the back exit.

The “back exit”, as Lyria called it, was a small tunnel that passed under the moat. Except that the entrance was located in her parents’ room. They would have to be extra sneaky. Luckily enough, the king snored really loudly, so that would help conceal any noise they made. Lyria led Owyn toward the royal suite. They opened the door quickly, to not make it creak, and got down to crawl on the floor, like that if the king or the queen did wake up, they wouldn’t see them. They crawled to the other side of the room, and entered the study, where the passage was concealed. In the study, there was a bookshelf and one of the books on it was titled Secrets of the Royal Castle. Lyria pulled on that book and the bookshelf moved to the side. She wasn’t sure if this contraption was mechanical or magical, but, either way, it worked. The title of the book reminded her of something, and, just as Owyn and Lyria emerged outside of the castle, she realized what it was.

“Owyn, wait here. I have to go back!” the princess told her friend.

“What? Why?” asked Owyn.

But Lyria had already left.

She ran up the stairs, hoping nobody would hear her. Unfortunately, the object she was looking for was at the top of one of the castle’s highest towers, so it would take some time to get there.

Once she arrived, she saw it in the center of the room. She had just grabbed it when she heard a voice.

“Who goes there?!” it shouted.

Lyria slowly stepped backward, and onto the balcony, hoping that the person wouldn’t see her.

“Don’t think I can’t see you!” the voice said again.

Well, that plan had failed. The princess saw a dark figure approach, so she walked back to a corner of the balcony. But little did she know, there was no corner of the balcony. She fell, clutching the object in her hands.


I just checked the rules in this section. I don’t see anything about it. Where are the main rules?

I’m not sure where it says this but I think you can only share links in the share your story threads.

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Short and oh so gloriously painful xD. I like how you explore different angles from which to say “yeah this hurts.” Makes me curious just what kind of stuff he went through, but I feel could use a bit more. Is this describing mental or physical pain? Might get more interested as it would tease a bit more of the story.

When Dad left my instinct was to blame Mum. Why didn’t she stop him? Doesn’t she want us to be a happy family? Then I grew up a little, but not enough, and found out that he hadn’t left her for another woman, or to move across the world to a quaint Jamaican town, he’d just left. Then , the bitter voice of a kid who wanted a home started to blame her for not trying harder and blaming him for forgetting to buy her flowers. Then I grew up a little more and found out that the nasty rumour that sometimes love sometimes just doesn’t work was true and being fallen out of love with became my biggest fear.

“Isn’t it fucked that people can just leave?”

That feels a lot like a summary. Is that actually content from the story or did you summarize?

Overall a bit of a depressing insight into the character. Sounds like a drama!

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Err, if you can find somewhere that it says it, I will see what i can do. dont wanna break no rules

Your story feels a bit rushed in its action from sentence to sentence, but it is still intriguing. Sounds like someone recalling it and brushing over details. Who is the figure guarding the mystery object? What importance is it to her to stop sneaking? Why is she sneaking to begin with? Will she survive? So many questions!

The whole point of this is for the stories to speak for themselves, and that it certainly does.

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Not a summary at all lol, just an MC’s musings about relationships over breakfast (:

Just going to drop this here.

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Heya! :smile:

Asking people read your story, and/or providing a link, is considered self-advertising and is against Club Guidelines. So, I’ve gone ahead and removed your links. :star: :speech_balloon:

Please do not advertise your stories outside of the Share Your Story Club. :books: :smile:

As a suggestion, you can also share your story in the Share a Story Club. Or if you are looking for feedback on your story, please feel free to have a look in the Story Services club.

Thank you for your understanding and have a lovely day. :yellow_heart:

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Running a hand through my wet hair to push it back from my forehead, I picked up the army knife before turning around.

My eyes widened. A creature stood only meters from me. It wasn’t like the others. If I still had any doubts that these things were once human–which I didn’t really–this erased them.

It was obviously female. The curves of her body still there, despite being emaciated. Ribs bulging under her transparent skin. Matted, filthy hair fell around her deformed face. She had no lips leaving her rotten, blackened teeth completely visible. Her eyes were all white, but I was sure she was looking straight at me.

She took an unsteady step forward and nearly fell over at the movement. I glanced down at her legs. They were twisted. The knees touching and grinding together with each awkward step. Her nose twitched. She appeared to be smelling the air.

I actually felt bad for her. She didn’t look deadly. Not like the others.

Even as she got closer, I didn’t move. Just watched. Wheeze like breaths came from her.

She’s pitiful.

Reaching out, her hand brushed my own before she finally tumbled over sideways. Head banging against the floor so hard that I heard something crack.

I knelt down next to her as her head turned towards me. Those eyes, possibly sightless before definitely were now. One hand felt blindly for me, slapping the floor inches from my foot. Her mouth open, the jaw crooked. Broken in the fall.

Adjusting my grip on the small knife, I lifted it over her head and drove the blade in though her ear.

She fell still. There was no light in her eyes to fade, but I imagined that I saw it anyway.


(From “The Facade of Quad in Nimrod” the first few paragraphs. While the story is new adult, this section is okay for any eyes. I double-checked.)

In the country of Lwendolen lay the once grand city of Nimrod that was the birthplace of King Knimrod II, but only the deteriorating lip-gumming old folk remembered the truly grand days.

Today, egotistical rich men and painted ladies were the upper crust, the cream of society, and a true snob mob that sat atop their imaginary thrones. Below them lurked the designated poor and, further down, those unofficially classified as Failures crawled at the feet of everyone. These Failures were at most from the middle class but never the upper class.

It was fine if such Failures learned—somehow—to stand up on their own two feet like a newborn colt standing on wobbling legs, but not always was the case. Such deadbeat, incompetent, good-for-nothings—as the rest of society saw them—often ended up in a strange old city commonly referred to, by both Nimrod citizens and the denizens that resided in this god-forbidden place, as Mourning.

No one, absolutely no one , wanted to wake up to find themselves in Mourning which was rumored to house cannibalistic beings.

So, beyond the Gwen Forest, through the abysmal trees that lost its leaves before the end of summer, Mourning residents kept to themselves and the rest of society averted their eyes. As to this day, no one from the top of the hierarchical pyramid ever ventured to this part of Lwendolen.

As to this day.

Interesting how the ONLY place I can move my thread is “story requests” which… this isnt. This isn’t story requests but it is the only place I can move it in “share your story”.

But why would you want it to be in share your story?

It should probably either go into Writing Contests and Competitions or Character and Story Games. Just advise people not to post links.