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Aoi Ishiki is running from her past. After the disappearance of their youngest brother, the Ishiki siblings pack up and move away. This is a chance for a fresh start, and Aoi desperately wants to keep her promise to her family to leave her awful behavior in the past. It proves more difficult than when she’s up against bullies and delinquents that want nothing more than to drag her back down.

Aoi Chigusa is apathetic. He’s managed to keep the adoration of his peers through his good looks alone. But, after a string of bad luck, Aoi finds himself questioning his judgment and is forced to confront the consequences of his apathy.

As their paths cross, the answers to long-time questions begin to come to light. They have the power to conquer their demons, but only if they’re able to fight together. And that just may be the hardest fight yet.

possible cover


“Clara watched on and listened, contributing only when called upon. She’d tried to run and she’d tried to hide, but she couldn’t escape the truth any longer. Whether she liked it or not, war was inevitable.”

Clara Dane awakes in a strange facility in which she has been the lab rat in a series of experiments of which the results could prove devastating to the known world. She is armed only with a bizarre power that lays dormant within, allowing her to phase into a strange dimension displaced one second out of time with the real world. With her two friends, Mitch and Astrid, and her trusted canine Twilight by her side, she must stop the nefarious professor’s evil scheme before she is too late.

But when a man in black following her every movement gives her a note telling her to trust no-one, can she complete her task even when it seems that everybody has a secret ulterior motive? Clara, Mitch and Astrid must help each other stop the professor, and find out what the secret to her new-found powers are, before his plans come to fruition.


Title: His Fragile Flame


A seventeen-year-old teenager, Araulla Jones ran from her family, feeling the emptiness as she hid behind the shadow of her brother, Hansel. Her mother’s desire to disown her led in confusion of her true identity as she started searching for a purpose. Since her dad left the country to run from the accusation that was cast against him, her uncle, William took the opportunity to have a deal with Araulla about a messy job he had to offer. The eagerness of her to show how worthy she was had driven her to work with William in the most dangerous way that everyone she loved would be put to a great depth. Now it was up to Araulla to make up with her bad decisions as she dealt with more drama in her life. Where can invulnerability lead her? Or is it just an illusion for her fragility?

Since Araulla became a new student in Kingsley High, she seemed to catch more attention than what she expected. Putting her in unwanted drama and messing up her whole high school life for getting blackmailed by Kourtney Devaraux. She fell into a trap of the most dangerous girl in Kingsley, causing her to be snared by Kourtney’s selfish schemes. When Araulla was ordered to make Daniel fall for her, she caught herself in a middle of complicated situation finding herself falling for the boy-next-door, Miguel. From all the family problems she was facing and a teenage drama queen to deal with, how could she handle all the burden that weighed more than the world?

The Dare cover

What happens when these five friends are pulled into a life of crime and drugs?

When Alexandria Hales moves to Los Angeles over devastating circumstances, the last thing she expected was to fall into a sisterhood.

The second thing was to ignite a fire with Tristan Scott. The most popular and devilishly handsome guy at Manchester high school. He and friends hold a secret, a secret life that will destroy anyone that falls into it with them.
One night of utter torment draws these people into each other lives.

Will they dare?