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Looking for YA novels including lgbt characters that are appropriate for younger teen readers (so without any truly descriptive sex scenes, for instance).

Interested especially in character-driven stories.


Hi there! If you’re interested, I have a story called Catch Me. Jordi, the main character is bi-sexual which isn’t really a focus on the story. The plot focuses more on Jordi and the self-destruction that comes with mental-health issues and substance abuse. There’s no major sex scenes or anything like that, but there is some course language.




Thanks. I like what I’ve read so far… keep going!


Thank you! :heart:


Do you consider their identity the main point of the story if it’s a romance/coming-of-age story?


Not at all.

I think I wasn’t very clear about what I mean by their identity not being the main point. Because of course in character-driven fiction, their identity is a big part of the point.

Romance and coming of age are great. Wow… I’m trying really hard to figure out how to say what I am looking for precisely and not coming up with anything.

Post it if you think it might fit (even if you aren’t sure). I am mostly just looking for good fiction with strong LGBT characters.


If it’s not what you’re looking for don’t worry about it :blush:. It’s pretty PG, there’s some minor swearing and a small amount of fade-to-black sexual content.

Summary - Sixteen-year-old Matteo plans to spend the summer of 2003 doing two things: skateboarding with his best friend Logan, and finally finishing the skate video he’s been trying for months to finish.
Then cute emo boy Quinn applies to work at the skate shop with him.
Now Matt has a third thing to do: he needs to figure out if there’s any chance that Quinn might possibly, maybe, want to kiss him back.
Status - Complete
Genre - Teen Fiction/Romance/Coming-of-age

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I’m liking it so far! I’ll give it a read through. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, on a fairly unrelated note I have a friend who was a teenager back in 2003 and now he does custom decks as a side hustle.


I hope you enjoy the rest!

Those are super cool! :heart_eyes: And it’s definitely a related note hahaha.


Hey! This is my LGBT Romance/Comedy novel and it doesn’t have any sex scenes, just kissing. The main point is more about solidifying one’s sexual orientation but coming out is also a big part of the story, so it might not be up your alley. At any rate, thanks for taking a look at it! Hope you find some good reads! :blush:



"‘I’m a lesbian,’ I admit. Once it’s out in the air sitting between us all I somehow feel both more relieved and more anxious than before. Ari stops crunching on her taco. Brent stops unwrapping his taco. Even Leah’s smile fades. ‘Um, Ash, I don’t think you are,’ Ari says.’"

When Ash comes out as a lesbian to her friends, they tell her they don’t think her one G-rated high school relationship is enough to represent all of boy-kind. They suggest that before she comes out to her very religious parents that she makes sure she is completely certain she actually IS a lesbian.

They make a pact - If Ash tries going out with seven different guys and decides she’s still a lesbian, her friends will help her when she comes out to her parents.

Read Here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/151350153-seven-dates


Midsummer Crowns
Loui Sandström is a teenager near reaching adulthood. Every summer Loui and his family settle down in Thorfrid, a rural area in the middle of Sweden. Even though a place filled with nostalgia and near magical nature, it has lost the magic in Loui’s eyes. It does not help that almost ancient conflicts emerge and a foreign family moves into the neighborhood, or does it?

This story contains underage drinking, same-sex romance and inappropriate language such as curse words. If that is not acceptable to you, do not read.

[First Chapter was published 23rd of April 2019]

Read it here


Thanks! That is a fun read.

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Yes. This. I failed to do many productive things I was supposed to do today so I could read the whole thing. Thanks for writing it. (What a weird compliment, but there it is.)

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tbh that’s probably one of the best compliments I can think of :joy: I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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Thank you to @cosettetapes for the cover!
Latte Heart

Hanaka Akamine is a soon to be voice actress: but right now, she’s just a local barista at the only good cafe in town. She’s obsessed with flowers and tea and loves relaxing. To her, stress is a waste of space in her mind that could be used to think about other things.

Thanh Lan Trác, on the other hand, lives in it. Her life revolves around college and assignments and work, and it’s been her whole world ever since she started attending university. She’s grown used to it all: the panic, the hand cramps, the lack of time to just stop and unwind.

When Thanh meets Hanaka, the jagged realisation of how most of her time is spent working sets in. Without spending proper time together, Thanh always swamped with work, they might begin to drift apart. They have to find a way to save themselves from the rift between them - and maybe Thanh will even learn how to stop and rest along the way. And yet… how will she find the time to do so, when there are much more pressing matters?


  • There is minor swearing.
  • Although there are none yet, there will be fade-to-black implied sexual scenes.
  • This book kind of handles dark themes (abusive relationships, homophobia), but in a really fluffy way. In fact, the whole book is fluffy and cute. So if that’s not your thing, that’s fine.
  • Hope you enjoy!

Read here: https://www.wattpad.com/story/177330968-latte-heart

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Hiya! Here’s a story for you. This story alternates between past and present so there’s a chapter of the characters in their teens and one in the present time after they’ve grown up. It’s a WIP with only 8 chapters posted so far but there will be no 18+ scenes. It is a character driven story and is appropriate for teens.
Title: Tyler’s Fate-Mate
Status: Ongoing
Genre: Romance-Action
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/184286977-tyler’s-fate-mate
Synopsis: Fate? Nah. Love? Nah. Tyler Fontaine didn’t care for anything remotely close to these things. But something has happened, he has collided with the only person that had once made him believe these things to be true. He was hurt back then, he still is. But will he take the hint and for once accept his fate or will he run away once again afraid of someone he can never understand?
Thanks in advance if you do decide to check it out :slight_smile:


Romance, 18+.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/186373952-the-modern-journey


Hello! If you’re fond of modern retelling and mythology, might I suggest you take a look at my ongoing stories?

Énoument is an anthology of the Norse gods in the modern world as they are reborn over and over. There are several LGBT characters who will be or already have been introduced.

Liesmith is a modern retelling of Lokasenna, or the myth of Loki’s downfall. It focuses on Loki as a gnc girl. Both her sexuality and gender are explored, while not being the main focus of the story.


well you know mine :nerd_face:

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