Teen Fiction Read for Read - critique and feedback


I’m here to offer my services to read, critique, and offer feedback on Teen Fiction (and New Adult) stories. I will also accept other genres with that age range as your target audience (examples: teen romance, teen fantasy, etc)

I will:

  • Read 5 chapters of your story
  • Comment on each chapter: as needed for grammar/etc., and then at the end for a critique or feedback
  • Add your story to my Read for Read reading list

Payment (basically the same thing I did, hence Read for Read):

  • Add my story, Near Fall, you one of your reading lists
  • Read 5 chapters
  • Comment at least once on each chapter (it doesn’t have to be a critique, just some feedback on your thoughts is fine)


  • No graphic scenes: gory violence, death, abuse, etc. It can be mentioned and talked about (I don’t want to hear about blood and guts) but short scenes that illustrate it are fine.
  • No graphic sex: I’ll read tasteful scenes that are vaguely sexual. If your story has a chapter that is graphic sex, but you want me to read other chapters, tell me which chapter to skip

Keep in mind: My story is, currently, about two boys dating. If that’s an issue, don’t request my services. It also contains a lot of swearing (hello, teenage boys), alcohol and drug use, abuse (not overly graphic), mild sexuality.

Please post a link to your story, a small blurb, and anything you’d like me to focus on specifically when I’m critiquing or giving feedback.

I will do another 5 chapters of your story if you do another 5 of mine. But I’ll do them 5 at a time.

Here is my story:
Title: Near Fall
Themes: LGBTQ+, Romance, Disability, Mental Illness, Bullying/Abuse
Rated: Mature : strong language, drug/alcohol use, mild/moderate sexuality, moderate violence (no graphic sex scenes or violence)

Cathaoir Whelan has finally bulked up enough to make the wrestling team. He’s 16, he’s scrawny, and he hates sports. He wants to make his dad proud, but he knows the jocks will never treat him well. But then he meets a boy at practice who’s…actually nice to him?

Cathaoir has never handled change well, and his sophomore year might hold more than he can handle.

Click here to read! <3

Please reply to your post when you have added my story to a reading list and read two chapters. I will respond when I am starting your book. I expect payment in full by the time I am done with your book.

Hi there,

I’d like to exchange 5 chapters. Short comments are fine with me if that’s ok with you?

Blurb: Tully dreams of Kit, while Kit dreams of Mac and Mac dreams of fame, but if they can wake an ancient Celtic god of music and love, he might just make their dreams come true.


I’ll wait to hear back from you before starting to read,


Mocha :purple_heart:

Hey, your story looks so interesting! I’m excited to read it! Short comments are totally fine.

Is there a specific 5 chapters you want me to read, or just the first 5?

I’ve added it to my reading list and I’ll start whenever you finish two chapters (any are fine) of mine. :grinning:

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Great. It’s getting late here and I’m off to bed but it’s a long weekend so plenty of time to read! I’d love you to read the first 5 chapters. There’s a short prologue, which gives context, so I’d really appreciate if you read that, but it’s up to you. There are little polls at the end of the chapters, so if you just want to do those, that’s totally fine with me.

I’d rather start at the beginning of your book if that’s ok, because I find it really hard to get a sense of the story if I don’t know the beginning.

Anyway, I’ll start tomorrow and looking forward to reading your story :purple_heart:

Read 5 chapters and really enjoyed them. Story is very well-written with a great flow. Happy to continue exchanging if you want to do that :purple_heart:

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