Teen Fiction Romance Books

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If you want to discuss any teen fiction romance novels. I’m all ears

Might be best to kick things off.

What’s your favorite teen fic/ romance book on here?

I think so far it’s After. Have you read the book

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Nope. And don’t plan on it. I read the first chapter and I couldn’t’ take it anymore.

Why not?

It’s actually quite interesting

Toxic relationship, cheating, messy writing (wattpad version), overuse of exclamation points, physical altercations between the couple, mental abuse, deliberately hurting one another, and overly similar to FSOG.

Good Point. So what kind of books are you into?

Contemporary forbidden romance. I love when a couple isn’t supposed to be together and have to fight for their live. I love the hesitation and denial, then watching as they slowly begin to really fall for one another and finalky give in to their emotions.

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Me too. Those stories are very romantic

Hello. Are you interested in discussing any book of your choice

Why is it that most girls in wattpad books are curvy. I specifically use skinny girls because I like them and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I am skinny.
I think the reason why people use curvy is because that’s what a lot of men like. I don’t know though. What do you guys think?

I also feel that body shaming is very wrong

I think my favorite book I’ve ever read was The Teddy Bear Agreement ?? I’m pretty sure the title changed over time and it may not be on here anymore lol. It was SO good!!

What was it about?

If I remember, this girl was looking for a roommate and then ended up getting a guy as one by accident. They both ended up somehow destroying these bears they both had to sleep with ?? later on I think they made a deal to sleep (actually sleep) with each other but as friends to compromise with the loss of their bears. obviously they fall in love in the end. It was one of those slow burn kind of stories and it was super addicting to read.

It sounds nice.

I read that book :sparkling_heart: It’s super nice I loved it :sparkling_heart:

Is it still on wattpad

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