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My Favourite Part - https://www.wattpad.com/story/200094275-my-favourite-part

❝To be loved to madness-such was her great desire. Love was to her the one cordial which could drive away the eating loneliness of her days.❞

Evangeline Channing is a good kid with a good life - great family and friends, not-so-great grades, but she’s happy, and that’s what matters most.

But for the past few months, she’s kept something a secret. Or rather, someone. Unknown to her family and even her closest friends, Evangeline is in love. He’s older. Richer. Most importantly, he’s her soulmate. But when things are forced into the light, what will become of her love, her life, and the woman she’s told herself she is? What will be the price of her newfound happiness?

A coming-of-age story.

:envelope_with_arrow: Ongoing, 30 chapters currently, updated 3 times a week
:peach: Mature Themes
:sunflower: Genre: YA Romance; Teen Fiction ; ChickLit



After recently losing the love of her life, Harper Brady goes back in time to high school. She is in the body of her 16-year-old self again, and her soulmate, Robert, is still alive. She believes she has been given a second chance to save him.

Harper is determined to get it right this time, but when people start getting hurt, she can’t help but worry that time doesn’t like being messed with.

Link: The Time of Your Life


Title: I Shouldn’t Want You

Genre: Teen Fiction/Romance

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/14063571-i-shouldn’t-want-you

Synopsis: From the moment Anna met Brogan, she knew she would do anything to preserve their easygoing friendship. From the moment she met Brogan’s brother Danny, she felt trouble deep in her belly, but it was more inviting than ominous. After a drunken night filled with sexual tension, Danny and Anna start a secret friends-with-benefits relationship. When deeper feelings emerge between them, they realize their secret can’t remain hidden forever. Torn between her friendship with Brogan and her new feelings for Danny, Anna is thrown into an overwhelming decision.


Please give some feedback/constructive criticism on plot holes, characterization, writing style appreciated).



Paralyzed Love

Jesse is paralyzed from his waist down, but he makes sure he gets what he wants, for he has already lost too many things in his life. Yet when he finally gets to meet Ava, who has anxiety and depression, he is not sure anymore.

Ava has locked her heart away while trying to make sense of the world. Being mentally broken and haunted by unwanted thoughts, she struggles to trust people around her, while a chance encounter with a boy on a wheelchair changes her life and sets her on a path of self discovery.

It’s always hard to carve out a new path in lives. With Ava’s endless pushing and Jesse’s self-doubt about his disability, they do not plan to stop trying.

Until the paralyzed love awakens.


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Title: Moonlight
Author: CameronTollett
Synopsis: Grace Barrington is a sixteen year old girl living in the small town of Walpole, New Hampshire. Her sophomore year of high school starts out smoothly, but a boy named Malum moves to town and joins her class, causing an unexpected change in Grace’s life. With the two growing close and romantic feelings brewing, Malum’s arrival brings something more sinister than just romance into Grace’s life.

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Title: the bad girl and me
link https://www.wattpad.com/story/201000970-the-bad-girl-and-me
Writer @infiniteharminy
Description She halted, gazing into his piercing eyes, challenging him to say something. He kept quiet, obviously tired of her bullshit.

“I’m pregnant, Zack.”

‘A good boy. A bad girl. One night mistake.’

Zack Alan Hudson is the heartthrob of Maxwell High but, he isn’t the typical bad guy that slept with all the girls. He’s very handsome, kind and gentle with a charming smile. Girls swoon over him, sometimes, ending up in a fight but he doesn’t take advantage of that because he’s got his eyes solely on one girl who happens to be the bad girl’s sister, Jenna.

But one night, everything changed.

One drunk party night, he wakes up to find Daisy sleeping naked right next to him. Not only is she Jenna’s sister but also the school’s most popular, selfish dumb slut. Not only did he destroyed his chance with Jenna but also got Daisy pregnant.

Now, he’s stuck. Jenna has feelings for him too but then there’s pregnant Daisy. What happens when he realized both girls aren’t what they seemed to be? will he choose Jenna and abandon pregnant Daisy or just break Jenna’s heart and be with Daisy and their baby? find out inside the book!

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Blurb: Javier Giordano has had a crush on his friend, Caroline Grace, for the last two years. But he’s never told her how he feels. One morning, Javier decides to take Caroline on an adventure he hopes she’ll never forget, even if it might land him in jail.

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Scars of Youth – A Love Story, is an epic tale of first love and second chances.



A girl with inner demons. A younger boy full of hope. An uncaring and uncertain future.

Jessica Fowler is a seventeen year-old girl entering her senior year at a boarding school in Switzerland. She has a tragic past, but she’s left her demons behind, and is now ready for a bright new future. What she never expects to find on her first day of school, however, is Kyle. He’s young. Too young. But she just can’t stop thinking about him. But how can she compete with Kyle’s best-friend, the Beautiful Girl, who has known him for years?

Kyle Andersen is only fifteen, a sophomore and a new student at the boarding school. Having left his tiny American compound and school behind in Saudi Arabia, he arrives in Switzerland eager to start a new life. What he doesn’t expect, however, is to hopelessly fall for a much older girl. How could such a cool girl ever return his feelings when she has older, more mature boys to choose from?

Jessica and Kyle begin their journey together, a path paved with first love, betrayal, and acceptance. Ultimately, however, Jessica must graduate and leave Kyle behind. Will their love last? Or will life tear them apart forever?

What readers are saying about Scars of Youth:

★★★★★ “The characters are excellent, … and the plot shows a scary if probably accurate insight into the teen mind.”
★★★★★ “I loved the characters, I loved the way this author didn’t shy away from all the taboos of young people even if the setting was in the 80’s”
★★★★★ “This was one of the best books I’ve read this year … The characters were engaging and complex. And I love that a man wrote this.”
★★★★★ “If you want an easy read, with strong character development, with a more mature rendering of youthful love, with the ability to transport any age back to the time of their first love, then this is the book for you.”
★★★★ “The voices were believable as teenagers, and the dialog in particular was well-written.”
★★★★★ “The writing style is nice, the story line is really good, the characters are well formed. I think anyone can enjoy this book if they go in with an open mind.”
★★★★ “The characters were the crowning glory of this tale; credible, likable and perfectly written in terms of dialogue and mindset.”
★★★★★ “This is an amazingly well-written book, full of emotion, heartbreak and love. It was beautiful, and it made cry and laugh.”

Rated MATURE due to mild themes of self-harm. It also features underage drinking/sex, cursing and contains mildly suggestive sexual language. There is no graphic sex.

I hope you enjoy it!

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TITLE: It’s Not About The Destination

LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/183729430-it’s-not-about-the-destination

PLOT: Sabrina Williams is gone…
No texts, no calls, no any information expect that her location on Facebook changed from Bedford, Pennsylvania to San Diego, California.
And it’s not the kind of information Tyler expects to get from his long term girlfriend with whom he hoped to spend the rest of his life.
That’s why Tyler decides to take on the opportunity and drive to California with his long term annoying neighbor - Mia who happens to drive there in her old Toyota.
With both of them being opposite poles this road trip will be full of ups and downs, arguments, makeups, adventures, playlists and fast food chains.
And maybe even, somewhere in the middle of the road, they will find the meaning of true love.


link: the love club

Elsie hates her life. Her parents fight constantly, her sister hates her, and everyone at her school is unbearable. The night before the SAT, she books a flight and by morning, she’s across the country.
Sun Valley is filled with beautiful people who do nothing but party all summer and don’t speak of going back to university in the Fall. Elsie finds her people, The Love Club.
Daisy, the bubbly socialite, Carter, the Stanford dropout turned local surfer, Virgo, the druggie man-slut, and Lynch the quiet loner. In these people, Elsie finds love and a family, but families keep secrets. What happens when those secrets are let out?

You’ll Always Have Me - Writer’s name on cover: Trisha Chase

Bianca Jones is 15 years old and in her second year of highschool with her best friend Damon Chase, whom she has known all her life. As best friends, they know everything about each other. Well, they used to; Bianca has been keeping a secret from Damon for a 3 years, and as far as she knows, if she can keep her mouth shut, nothing will change.

Ongoing, 11 chapters so far, updating as often as possible (I am writing three books at a time so you’ll have to bare with me.
Mention of abuse, bullying, self-harm, depression.
Genre: Teen Fic, Romance.

A story of a true boy-girl friendship.

Blurb"What do you do when you have got a half burnt face?
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/216856918-half-burnt

Simple Sparkles Photo Wattpad Book Cover

I am looking for feedback so if you have time then please review my story, it has only 6 chapters for now.


TITLE: BUT, I Love You.

Ava Carter.
She seems to have it all - Popularity, friends, and a boyfriend.
She is carefree and lively.
She believes in Living in the presents and enjoying the moments.
Zachary Brooks.
Being devoted towards his goal and a scholarship at hand.
He wants to stay low and just graduate high school.
He thinks Popularity does more harm than good.

What will happen when both of their paths intertwine.

After all they are just strangers, right?

But Ava is falling for Zachary despite having a boyfriend.

Will sparks fly or will it all crash down?

LINK: BUT, I Love You.

book cover

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Love story of two classmates Jiya and Raag takes many twists and turns as they grow up and reality of life unfolds before them …
This book takes us on beautiful journey of finding true love and learning to treasure it.
Will they find their happy ending or not?
“I love her but will she love someone like me?”
“I love him but does he?”

Playing the counterpart of Collin Harris in the new drama is just the worst thing that has happened to me. Yet. - Rose, 2020


And why is that?

Book Cover  Colliding Hearts

A journalism major and a football player…what could possibly go wrong?

Avalon Miller, a journalism major who plans to stay under the radar along with everyone else at the college who doesn’t play a sport or cheerlead, after all, she has great friends, a loving and supporting father and good grades what more could she possibly want? Apparently, a cocky and arrogant football player who has every girl falling at his feet…everyone except Avalon anyway. After her journalism professor assigns her class a big project which means reporting on something at the college and she gets chosen to report on the football team, her plan for staying under the radar vanishes into oblivion when Noah Jackson the senior heartthrob and star quarterback takes an interest in her.

Noah Jackson the star quarterback, has girls falling at his feet on a daily basis and everyone admiring him, he’s the biggest ladies man on campus and has slept with more girls than you can count so when Avalon Miller crashes into his life and doesn’t fall to his feet like every other girl it’s a breath of fresh air, one he can’t get enough of. Whilst Noah introduces Avalon the party life of a football player, teaches her how to go on adventures and have fun, Avalon brings him back down to earth and teaches him how to love…something he didn’t even know he was looking for until she walked into his life and something she didn’t know she was missing until she falls in love with him along the way.

Will their love be that easy? Or will jealous ex’s, Noah’s fangirls and each other stand in the way of it?


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If you’re looking for a fresh, unique, and hilarious teen fiction romcom , then look no further! Check out my all new story, Nice Guys!



Hakeem Brown and Rashaad Patel were the stereotypical Prince Charmings in every Cinderella remake ever told. Hakeem being a smooth-talking, future neurosurgeon in the making, while Rashaad was bound to be the next George Clooney of Bollywood.

But yet, not every girl in Whitney Hills High School wanted a knight in shining armor these days. Especially their crushes and two of the most popular girls in school: O’Dallas Price and Annisa Abdullah.

So how does one take two of the most unnoticeable, worst dressed, average-looking nobody’s in the entire school and turn them into badass Greek gods? Well, you find yourself an actual badass Greek god of course. Otherwise known as Emmanuel “Manny” Lockwood, the most notorious bad boy around.

With risky deals, crazy stunts, and a huge step out of their comfort zones, Hakeem and Rashaad are instantly taken under the wing of the school’s greatest troublemaker and learn what it takes to be bad boys in order to win the girls of their dreams.

'Cause after all, who would date a nice guy?

Updates every five—six days

LINK: https://www.wattpad.com/story/211237823-nice-guys