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Are you looking to expand your book audience? This is the right thread for you.

This tread is not for people who want to do a simple read for read and the people involved never look at each others book again.

If you decide to enter your book here (I’ll write below how you will do that) and someone replies and says they would like to do a read for read, you need to follow some rules. If it’s a complete book, you need to read it all and if it isn’t you need to wait for an update and read it so I suggest you reply to the books you are genuinely interested in.

I’d also really like if we give each other our opinions about each other’s books by either commenting or by personal message. Of course, I wouldn’t know if everyone is actually following the rules here, but I would really appreciate it that if you are not willing to follow these rules, find another thread.

To enter your book you need to:

  1. Do a link to your Wattpad profile
  2. Write the name of the book you want people to read
  3. Write the summary of the book

Note: you are free to also upload a picture of your cover.

I will start with my book. Anyone who is interested in mine, please reply :slight_smile:

Edit: If you post on this thread please make sure to find a reading partner cause the whole point of this is to help each other find new readers :slight_smile:


Link to my profile: https://www.wattpad.com/user/SilverSwanxx
Book: I.D.K
Summary: Hi, my name is Samantha and I am 14 years old. Most people describe me as someone who is introverted but the truth is that I am pretty outgoing, just a little setback when it comes to meeting new people/ making friends. I tend to mess up quite a lot when I am talking to most people because I get all nervous and blurt out random stuff but that’s due to my social anxiety. I do have one best friend though and she means the world to me. It’s not that I never tried making new friends, I did, but most of those friendships either didn’t work out (and were toxic), or faded overtime. This is my story, I may not be one of those typical teenagers but I hope you find my life interesting nonetheless. Sorry if I am complaining most of the time, I can be pessimistic. I.D.K… What even is life?


As a heads up, this belongs in the ‘story requests’ section, since people aren’t allowed to advertise (direct, suggest, request people read their book) in this section.


thank you, ill change it


Lol. I don’t want to participate because no time in my busy life, but your cover really reminds me of mine. Wonder why lolllll.



I would love some more people to read my new story “All” (complete) - a romance filled with secrets, lies, lust, and possibly the ultimate… love :slight_smile: x

Happy to read other’s work in return now I have some time back after finishing writing this book!



All [adverb]; completely, without exception.

When 18-year-old singer Abi meets Noah, a moody but disarming musician, she soon discovers his tough exterior is hiding more than just the tattoos that mark his skin.

Thrown into a world of secrets, emotions and sexual discovery, will their relationship ever become more than a confusing game of cat and mouse? As the walls become to crumble between them, can Abi and Noah’s love survive the impact?

[[WARNING: Contains sexual content and swearing]]


i see the resemblance lol



A caregiver’s last lesson

Having grown up in a Children’s Care and Career center and knowing none of the privileges afforded by official citizens, Will is all too aware of life’s injustice. For the better part of his life, he has known nothing but brutal training and severe discrimination at the hands of the Brutarian Guards that man his center. Now, that life is about to change, though for better or worse depends entirely on assignment day and the ruling of the Judges. With the fear of assignment day weighing heavily on him, Will does all he can to win the judges’ favor to secure a job where he will earn enough money to buy property and become an official citizen. However, he even as he does, he is plagued with this simple understanding. With one word from the Judges, he will be assigned to be a lab rat, a torturous assignment that will see his dream end in death.


Title: New Beginnings

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/178200609-new-beginnings-:heart:

Summary: Jasmine Farahani is an Iranian girl growing up in San Francisco, California. When she was younger, she’s always had trouble accepting her image, and enjoying the true aspects of life. But as she gets older, she realizes that her life will only get worse before it gets better. She struggles with a variety of problems as she goes through elementary, middle, and high school.


Thanks in advance if you get a chance to read!


Unfortunately, my book isn’t finished, but there are updates every Thursday! Thank you if any of you have a chance to read it and share your opinions!

Title: Savage Desire

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/601910709-savage-desire-chapter-1

Summary: Nina Steele was looking forward to a carefree summer before her first year of college. She was planning on having the time of her life before school started, but fate had something else in store for her. To kick off the summer, she found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, ruining the normal life she once knew. She was spiraled into danger, testing who she was and what she believed. She met the one and only Nathan Hale, who had perfected hiding his troubles with a hard exterior she had to break down. The two of them have trouble seeing eye-to-eye, but as much as they may not like it, the danger they are in will bring them closer together. While Nina learns to be patient attempting to figure out this stranger, Nathan learns it is okay to let people in. This was not the summer either were planning to have, but it is what they got.



Wow, i am really interested in your book <3 do u want to be my read for read partner?


Link To Profile: https://www.wattpad.com/user/MaddieBrinn
Book Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/170432457-they-know-me

"With one phone call, my life did two things at the exact same moment … ended and began."

Seventeen year old Ashe just buried both of her parents. Forced by circumstance, she leaves her childhood home to move in with an aunt she doesn’t know very well … only to find that the small southern town of Mannix, South Carolina is not like others, that it holds secrets. Ashe has no idea that on her first night she will open a door that will change her life forever. Some of the oldest historical parts, places like Cemetery Raven and Cortland Bridge, are not as abandoned as she thinks, and in the pursuit to ease her sorrow, Ashe follows a path that leads her directly to the Underground; a secret world no mortal was ever supposed to know exists.
The question is … can she survive it?


Author: Writersofourtime
Genre: Romance/badboy
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/698495513-honoring-the-bloodline-welcome
Summary: Everything in life is either a lesson or a blessing, Carter Stone was both.
I used to think that this world had something to offer to everyone but me, only to find out that it did have something to offer. Pain.

My story isn’t a happy one, and I’m telling you this now because you have a choice, to keep reading or to not. Almost like Hamlet; To be or not to be. Which one is it going to be? I have a feeling you have a curious mind, just like mine.
Therefore stranger; Welcome to my life and here is my story how the very one and only Carter Stone broke my heart.


Title: The Super Chronicles: Byong Ki-soo
BIO: I am Byong Ki-soo, from Seoul, South Korea. I applied for a writers’ internship at an entertainment company, though I ended up being the secretary for this super hot, jerk. Even though he was a jerk, he somehow still got to me, and I started liking him. At the same time a forgotten criminal, came out from their hiding, coincidence…I think not.
Genres: Romance, Mystery, Young Adult, Fiction, Supernatural, Multi-Cultural
Languages: English (Official), Korean (Official), Japanese (Unofficial)
Rating: Some Mild Humor, Mature Themes, PG-13
Author: Kazashi
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/168352555-the-super-chronicles-byong-ki-soo




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Lauren Hobson was an overachiever, on track to follow in her brother’s footsteps and study at one of the country’s top universities. That is until she catches her father on a date with another woman. Her priorities shift, and she writes to the school’s agony aunt for advice. When the advice isn’t what she wants, she takes matters into her own hands with the help of her two best friends. But along the way, the face behind the anonymous agony aunt is revealed, and it is the person she least expected.

I’d love to read more Wattpad books! So if you have any finished, or almost finished books, let’s read each others! Em x


My Profile Link
Book Name: All of Me
Summary: “It’s always the ones with the pretty eyes that make you cry. He smells like smoke, his voice’s like the rain, and when you wake up, it’ll be just you and your pillow again.”

Meet Blaire Cassidy, aged 17, newly transferred to The Carlyle Academy of Arts, the most prestigious high school in LA. Blaire shakes up the hierarchy when she shows up with a New York accent, resting bitch face, hot AF brother and a devil may care attitude. In less than a year, she’s reining Queen Bee, but all she wants is to graduate and get on with her life. Then comes Eli: tall, dark haired, blue eyed, motorcycle, dimples for miles and an even longer criminal record, he’s the ultimate bad boy.
When Blaire throws the party of the year, Eli shows up uninvited with his gang and manages to make Blaire’s heart race like never before. Then, tragedy strikes and Blaire has no idea who to trust. She finds herself slowly falling for the boy she knows is bad for her, but Eli has secrets of his own.


Me Again!!!
Profile Link -Click it you know you want to…
Book Title: The Route to Nevada
"Stay out of the sun, darling. Plastic melts."
Nevada Easton, 17, is in deep shit.
** Moving back to LA after three years in New Zealand, she walks into her old school, only to find that no-one has missed her. All she wants to do is put her head down, and get through her senior year, but that falls apart when she is pictured in a suggestive position with Kaius Bellemont, soccer superstar, up and coming model, and school heart-throb. **
Even worse, her ex-best friend has moved on with Kara Steele, resident mean girl, Kaius’s on-off girlfriend and Nevada’s Number 1 bully. Luckily for Nevada, three years on a ranch means that the ugly duckling has finally swanned.
She has a clean slate; turns out life is pretty sweet when you’re hot.


When seventeen-year-old Alice’s mum falls into a coma and Alice is moved into a group foster home, she sees it as a temporary blip in her otherwise happy life. The Murphy Group Home is a world away from Alice’s privileged upbringing; It’s here that she meets Faith and Ralph, two troubled teens who greatly shape Alice’s journey into adulthood.


Absolutely going to look into this one!