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I have just started a new story - it’s only in its infancy at the moment (three chapters) but would love it if anyone could check it out and let me know your thoughts so far! :slight_smile:


The flowers are always in bloom at Edenhall Park…
[[This book is a Gatsby-esque, magical romance story in progress]]


Thank you, I appreciate it! :heart:




Lana wakes up not knowing who she is or where she is. Confused, she sets out to try and recover her forgotten memories but she doesn’t know who to trust.

Daniel watches her from the distance and everyone warns her to steer clear of the ‘bad boy’ but something pulls her closer and closer towards him.

He may be the hidden clue.


Would love to read this one! Would you read mine too?


1, Link: https://www.wattpad.com/user/Nii_YA
2. The End Of Me In A Diary
3.Blurb: The 21st of December the world’s gonna come to an end. According the ancient Mayan prophecy. This phrase echoes in the head of delusional, 17 year old boy, named West. Due to a traumatic event in his past, he carries disdain for human interactions, leading to his complete alienation. With the end approaching, he sees no point in finding friends, nor dreams, contrary to his mothers plies. Aimlessly roaming through life with no purpose, loneliness and boredom sip within and the wish for end grows stronger. With nothing to do he decides to write a diary, his last testament, the proof of his existence. With three months to go he decides to spend the remainder of his life, as uneventful as possible. Little does he know that life doesn’t go as planned and little by little things change…people enter his life and he starts to fear that maybe he might need them by his side, when all comes crashing down.

I haven’t finished this yet, but I would love to build an audience. I don’t mind reading other people’s work as well.


Hey there, so here’s my first attempt at an ori zombie fiction. I’m open for feedback exchanges too :slight_smile:

Title: Dead Air (Book 1 of the Biohazard Saga)
Story Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/179241613-dead-air-book-1-of-the-biohazard-saga


At 33,000 feet, something has gone terribly wrong aboard VTA Air Flight 267 and an outbreak is quickly spreading through the plane. Nightmarish creatures are rampaging with a hunger for human flesh. With nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide, a group of passengers must band together and fight for survival if they ever hope to step foot on solid ground once more. The battle between the living and the dead erupts in the air over the coast of the Malaysian Peninsula as the passengers brace themselves to land in a new and frightening world…

(New chapters are released every weekend :slight_smile: )


Hi! Thank you so much for doing this! I’m in the process of writing a medical fiction story that has mystery, adventure, love, and a whole lot of character development. I love stories with deep characters with intricate pasts and am especially partial to those with strong female leads. The story focuses on a doctor who takes on a research fellowship to solve a medical mystery. I’m going to try to update it as often as possible.

Would love to hear any feedback if anyone gets a chance to try this out :smile:

Title: Dewdrops

Genre: General Fiction


A doctor who hates patients.

No other description suited Anthony Stanton better than that. Arriving at the esteemed Manifort Hospital, Anthony has only a single goal in mind: to complete his three-year research fellowship in the States and return as quickly as possible to England. However, as he steps into the lobby, little does he expect the adventure that awaits him, filled with heartbreak, unspeakable demons from his past, and a young girl, who will change his life.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/175375328-dewdrops

Dewdrops by Aya2442


I just started reading, and I really like it so far! Can’t wait for your next update :slight_smile:



profile: https://www.wattpad.com/user/AlissaZayan
name: The Stars Told Me So
summary: “I love you.” There’s a pause “You know how I know?” Then after a moment he says:

“The stars told me so.”
Yori Wright suffers from social anxiety, and loneliness due to her mother’s metal illness, and constant paranoia. Paranoid Schizophrenia does that to a person after all. But one night during an ECT procedure that leaves Yori horrified she meets Vince. Cold, quiet, judgmental, and rude.

They talk for a while. Seems simple enough right?

The only problem is they talk in the dark, so Yori feels comfortable enough not to run away with anxiety. She’s tired of being lonely. He’s tired of holding a grudge against humanity.

Not much can happen in the dark right? Wrong. Too much can happen in the dark.



Great! Thanks so much @Aya2442 :slight_smile:


Of course!


Link to my profile: https://www.wattpad.com/user/shadywritesforyou
Hii it is my first book and i have started writing just few weeks back, hope you’ll want to read this. please do tell me if you read and like it.
Summary: Pearl Simmons has finally entered her high school which she was eagerly waiting for. Meeting new people, extension in her curfew time, less rules and more fun. That’s how she dreamt how high school was, but the thing she craved the most was one thing - an ‘ever-lasting friendship’.

Clashes in friendship were never new for her. She has always had the feeling of not being able to fit in her friend ‘circles’, but never ended her search of her place on the puzzle of friendship. This time she is witnessing the crash of friendship between two of her friends since middle school because of a guy who’s boyfriend of one and best friend of the other.

Not that she hates boys, she loves them. But this particular guy is getting on her nerves, seeing friendship collapsing is still hard for her, she has been part of many and she knows the pain. Even when she hates him he’s always lingering on the back of her head and that fact is fueling her hatred.

So what happens when Aaron Potter, the popular football player of the school team and Pearl stand against each other with hatred in their heart and lust in their mind making them think about each other? It has to be rollercoaster ride through friendship, heartbreaks, hatred with knee trembling sexual tension.


Wattpad profile: @elusive_6788
Book name: Keepsake of My Love
Summary: Keepsake of My Love is a coming-of-age love story that starts with Lydia Coleman meeting her first love, Jacob Somersby, in high school and spans over 11 years, including the college years. Join them in this passion-packed romance novel, where they play with the cards they’re dealt.

This novel appears to be light and cliched from an initial perspective. However, it addresses the reality of life. It observes how the main character, Lydia, handles the emotional scars of bullying, an eating disorder, depression, rape, and loss.
Genre: Romance
Rating: Mature



Title: Ivory Black
Summary: Kai Haywood never thought anything of being adopted by a white family. What was the problem ? She had a stable home with two siblings and parents that loved her but that wasn’t the way Aaliyah Jackson saw it, in fact everything changed when Kai met Aaliyah. Kai soon realized she had no clue who she really was.
Genre : Teen Fiction
Link to story: https://www.wattpad.com/637431408-ivory-black-01



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Title - TENNIS: Legacy War
Summary- ‘’… Life … Life … Life is a game of tennis.’’
Everything starts and is based on this sentence. Do not mistake yourself! This isn’t a basic story revolving around the sport of the nobles. It’s more of a metaphor. And you’ll soon get why. Let’s enter the world of the 1% of the population and understand. Let’s live with true insiders the ups and downs, the roller coasters, of the life of the golden youth. Without filter, let’s get into a world where all that counts is the bank account and the pedigrees. Let’s share their loves, their battles, their struggles, their sorrows. Let’s live through their eyes and enjoy their world, because everything is not what is seems. Of course, not without the glamorous touch and the Chanel bags as additions. Get your golden rackets out!
Link - https://www.wattpad.com/story/177656678-tennis-legacy-war
Thanks you in advance for your support!


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Melanie Hathaway is a sweet, kind girl. She was living a good life, without problems. Until everything come up and down in her life. When her parents break up and tears, trouble, crazy situations and pain a lot of pain come with it. And everything comes to an end and she thought that everything will be good and normal, no this was a big mistake because the worse comes.
And she wasn’t ready for this, no one was.

Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/156662221-daddy-issues

Hi! I’m Audrey. I really like the idea of all of this and I’m really excited. Well, this is my book. I hope you like it and enjoy reading it. Thank you all :blush::heart:


It looks so interesting. I can’t wait to read it. :heart: