Teen fiction stories - want to expand your audience?



I’m sure it will be amazing. Especially if you say it is almost like Hamlet, i love this story. I can’t wait to read it. :blush::heart:


Sounds interesting :blush:



Based on a real story, with a twist.

June and Bernard, both from Asia and stuck in a British boarding school, met for the first time on a warm September night. Love tied their opposite worlds, yet somewhere along the way, they lost the love. This spirals into a game of revenge and heartbreak when one of them goes missing, as they find out that their differences made them great lovers, but perhaps even greater enemies.



Do you wanna be my reading partner??


Hi do u wanna be my reading partner, I’ll send u a link to my story if you say yes


Do you need a reading partner coz I am,if its a yes I’ll send u a link to my book


Are you looking for a reading partner??,I am available,if its yes I’ll send you the link to my book


That would be great!


The title of my book is “Maybe its you and me”
So we can start now,I’ll add your book to my library you’ll do the same and then we’ll do the reading exchange and abide by the rules set.




Sounds cool :blush:


Thank you, I can’t wait to hear what you think!


I cant wait to get my hands on it. :blush:


If anyone would be interested in checking out my work ‘la campanella’ I would really appreciate it! :love_you_gesture:


I totally will if you check mine out!


anyone wanna be reading partners? don’t have one yet lol… my books name is “I.D.K” and its the first post cause… I made this thread


Sure, im up for it


ok, ill read urs <3


Thanks ^-^


can u pls send me a link of what book of urs u want me to read?