Teen fiction vs romance

Okay. If you have a romance story or love story planned in high school, does it count as romance or teen fiction more? I’m starting to suspect what I’m writing isn’t actually a romance.

Here’s the blurb:

Why settle for normal?

Xue Ge is a delinquent who has just transferred school. A beautiful girl that’s way out of his reach? No problem, Xue Ge likes a challenge. But what’s with this weird boy named Matthias? Why is everybody behaving so bonkers? Why is the world suddenly turning against him and his friends?

Xue Ge wasn’t prepared for a world of autism, racial identity, human rights and, of course, love triangles. Join Xue Ge, Jennifer and Matthias in this truly Malaysian journey of teenage romance and fighting for the ones you care about.

What the blurb DOESN’T spell out to the readers is that the racial identity/human rights bit will kind of take over the story partway through. I guess that puts it in teen fiction category instead? Help!

I would definitely say teen fiction, personally. Romance is such a broad range and genre that incorporates all ages, but teen fiction only encompasses that kind of age range. With your added bit at the end too, I would definitely say teen fiction (:

The nice thing about Wattpad’s new changes to the hot list and stuff though is that you can have it in both genres, even if you tag one and have one as the official genre, and you can be found on both lists.

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Romance as a genre focus plots solidly on the relationship between a couple (or more persons, in polyamory). They are about getting the love interests together and the hurdles they face together.

If your story is about more than that. If it’s mostly about your main character learning about himself and growing, then it is probably a Bildungsroman (or coming-of-age) and falls into Teen Fiction.

A bit of advice for your blurb - a lot of readers do not like rhetorical questions in blurbs. And you’ve got a lot of them. Rephrase them into sentences for a better blurb.

For example -

Xue Ge is a delinquent who just transferred schools. When he meets his new and beautiful classmate Jennifer, a girl others would consider out of his league, he isn’t intimidated. After all, he likes a challenge. But the weird boy Matthias unnerves him in a way he never expected.


Thanks for the input, @MysticFate and @BridgesTunnels . I’ll put it as main on teenfic and use a tag for the romance bit.

Huh. Had no idea readers didn’t like questions in blurbs. Will try to rewrite it.


Sounds good! Glad I could be of help, even if only slightly ^^

I didn’t know this… Looks like I have some rewriting to do too!


It really depends. If it’s a story that talks about anything more than romance in a large sense (i.e. high school), then I would say teen fiction. I do have one story that takes place in high school but I put it under the Romance genre because it doesn’t discuss social issues of high school and doesn’t discuss the high school environment.

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I’ll take that as another vote for teen fiction considering my case. :sweat_smile: