Teen Fiction Writers, Readers, and Lovers! Come talk ❤


Welcome fellow Teen Fiction writers/readers and newcomers. Let’s make a lively and fun thread to talk and hang out in :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll get some fresh blood and create strong bonds with eachother. Just be nice and civilized. No fighting here!


How is everyone?


Pretty good. What about you?

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I’m good too, resting the last I can before school starts again.

Are you a writer?

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Yep! Slowly progressing through a book while juggling homework at the same time.

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Doing one at a time would probably go quicker, honestly.

What’s your story about?


Racism in a High School


Huh. Could you explain a bit more?


Hey, there! Hope you guys are well!

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I am well indeed. What about you?


Doing very well! Working on my story and checking out the forums at the same time. :slight_smile:


Ooh… I wanna know what your story’s about too. Feel free to use more than five words :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, it revolves around a high school production of West side Story and how the role of Maria went to an Italian girl and not the Puerto Rican girl.

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Hahaha! Okay, my story is about a 16 year old girl who’s going through the apocalypse. People are changing, the world’s being destroyed, and she’s got two younger sister’s that she’s trying to reunite with her parents who they were separated from when things started going to hell.

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Ah, I see


An apocalypse story? Me likey. What’s causing this apocalypse? Magic or science-y things?


I heard the call of my people


We call quite loudly, don’t we?

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It’s more of a science type thing, but not a typical one. Scientists were trying to revert some volunteers back to their basest selves to see if people were born naturally good or bad. Of course, when scientists do stupid stuff like that, the world gets destroyed.


They turned them super-evil or something? How did that get the world destroyed?