Teen Fiction Writers, Readers, and Lovers! Come talk ❤



There’s a list hidden somewhere on the informative part of Wattpad


I’m good, you? I prefer high fantasy, but write teenfic too


I’m good, just getting ready for exams next week. I like all books but I tend to have phases when it comes to what I like to read. I think I actually had a fantasy phase during the summer! Then it switched to Asian historical romance and now it’s teen fiction c:


it’s alright, your experience already gave me a few ideas and I really appreciate the help you’re trying to give me. Thanks anyway! : )


Hello everyoneee how is your day going so far?


Thank you! I hope it turns out (in writing) as well as it plays in my head! :smile:


I’ve been murdering my characters hahaha.


Hi guys, I’m new to Wattpad. Just trying to learn about the community and it’s writers:)


Hi I’m new to Wattpad, even though I’ve had an account in July 2017, since before hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. But, I actually started using it to publish work since…November 1st 2018. Yep! I know lol! I still used it after María for reading purposes, since their really was nothing else to do except search for water, etc… Anyway nice to finally meet or make an acquaintance with other readers and writers in Wattpad!


Welcome! The forums is a good place to learn about writers, so you’re in the right spot :smiley:


Not sure what to make of that short little story, but welcome anyways :slight_smile:


Woah this is weird. I made it a wiki


ok well thanks for having me aboard! :blush: I’m currently writing a mxb lgbt novel. First time though, always wanted to write a book or a story since a teen. I know I have a little time and well started writing it.


Bumpage… lol

Evening all, this is your official notice to hop back on the thread…

Oh… and hi everyone…


What’s up XD I’m supposed to be doing homework lol


And I’m supposed to be grading homework and yet here we are…


Hahaha! Yep, indeed! I have a math homework and an article I’m supposed to write by tomorrow but I’ve done neither!


Hey guys!! Welcome to the community :star_struck:


Is this thread still alive? Or do I need to post something obscenely outlandish to wrangle it from the depths of hell?


AAAHHH I’m new here and I want friends! T_T