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when Val Griffiths and her best friend Alessia Castellanos hear about an epidemic outbreak, they move outside of the city border to a remote camping ground, however they’re not alone there. a seemingly odd family with a beautiful son weave their way into Val’s life, which will be changed forever.


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Not Programmed For This

Minor Delusions

Is it a problem if you are low-key being stalked?
(Asking for a friend.)

Pasithea “Tea” Johnson is an expert at avoiding conflict. So what if some creep keeps messing with her stuff and leaving not-very-threatening notes for her to find? If she ignores the problem, maybe he will just go away.

She’s also avoiding questioning her relationship with her best friend Sean, who she is 98% sure she is not in love with. She isn’t even jealous of Sophie, his gorgeous out-of-town girlfriend. But once Tea and Sophie meet by chance, Tea wonders if she might unwittingly be part of a love triangle. Good thing Tea avoids conflict, or this might cause trouble

How can you tell if you are falling in love?
(Asking for a friend.)

If you fall in love with this story and these characters, there is a sequel: Welcome Entanglements

Author: @luckie_universe
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/212971583-girl-of-fire-and-shadow

“Once upon a time, I was hit in the face with a soccer ball.”

Parker Pierce wishes she was in someone else’s story. A story where her life is normal, and she can forget the ghosts that haunt her past, and the secrets that plague her future.

Instead, her tale becomes much more intricate when she attends the mysterious yet elusive Redwood Grammar, and her friends and family let her in on the reason why her life has never, and will never, be normal.

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❝It’s not meaningless if he has the power to break your heart into thousand pieces❞

Quentin Adams has been in love with his best friend for years. Although their happily ever after happens only in his dreams, he’s not one to give up. For so long, he had been willing to do anything to make his dreams come true and never had he even thought about anyone else.

Here’s the problem: the love of his life has met someone else. Smartest thing for him to do is to move on and Theodore Peterson might just be the right person to help with that. What was supposed to be just a fling ends up being one of the most important things in his life. It’s now up to Quentin himself to decide if he’s ready to take a risk and get his heart broken again.

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The Light in Your Dark

Two girls—

They’ve had other names. Other lives. They have been mortal enemies and reluctant allies. Friends. Rivals. Accomplices. Lovers.

—and a vengeful soul bent on their destruction.

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Miles is smart. He’s in the top ten of his class and set to graduate next May. Although he is smart, set him in any social situation and things get awkward. He’s never had a girlfriend or any real friends for that matter.

After a sudden divorce between his parents, he’s living in a run down home with his arguably alcoholic mother and younger sister Kathryn.

Miles has a lot to learn and experience before college - will senior year fulfill that promise? Throw romance, drama, and friendship into the mix and Miles is sure to have one hell of a time.

TBWBM Graphic (3)

This is not a love story.

When Zack Maddox, a notorious bad boy who thrives on breaking hearts and causing trouble, meets Mia Evian, a nobody with a disdain for crazy parties and arrogant pretty boys, the two teenagers’ lives are thrown into chaos. Zack is a mystery Mia can’t even begin to unravel, and as her home life begins crumbling around her, her newfound thrill-seeking attitude is the only thing keeping her head above water.

As Mia’s behaviour becomes increasingly reckless, Zack slowly becomes the lifeboat keeping her afloat. Mia thought she had a good grasp of the world, but she’s beginning to realise the people around her are far more complex than she could have ever imagined. Worse still, she may not be the only one who needs help keeping afloat.

This is a love story - just not the one you might expect.

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Book 1

Brandon Murphy is a Class C worker bee for the government: dealing drugs, robbing houses and falling in love with Courtney Dire; his boss. But when the drugs set a boundary between their sun-beamed relationship and moon-light work ethic, Brandon can’t help to feel that Courtney is not happy with his hobby of choice.

But when a familiar face comes back into their lives, Courtney’s opinions seem to elevate even further.


Aoi Ishiki is running from her past. After the loss of their youngest brother, the Ishiki siblings pack up and move away. This is a chance for a fresh start, and Aoi desperately wants to keep her promise to her family to leave her awful behavior in the past. It proves more than difficult when she’s up against bullies and delinquents that want nothing more than to drag her back down.

Aoi Chigusa is apathetic. He’s managed to keep the adoration of his peers through his good looks alone. But, after a string of bad luck, Aoi finds himself questioning his judgment and is forced to confront the consequences of his apathy.

As their paths cross, the answers to long-time questions begin to come to light. They have the power to conquer their demons, but only if they’re able to fight together. And that just may be the hardest fight yet.

A girl with an unrequited love. A boy with a dark secret. Can she save him before his personal demons claim his life?

When Chloe is uprooted to a tiny American compound in Saudi Arabia, she never expects to meet a boy like Alex. He’s exciting, full of life, and before long he’s claimed her heart.

But when Alex returns the following summer from his first year at boarding school, he is no longer the bright, happy boy she remembers. Something happened to him, something bad, and now Chloe must struggle to reach the old Alex. Despite her love for him, Alex keeps his secret hidden behind his pain, and soon he begins to recklessly gamble with his life.

Can Chloe find a way to help him before it’s too late?


★★★★★ “Unsentimental, well-paced, complex story that has an autobiographic feel and great impact. Beautifully drawn characters and a plot that - very largely - makes sense.”
★★★★★ “A touching story! I have to confess that I cried a few times but could not stop reading. The characters are excellent, the plot is well written.”
★★★★★ “The plot had me guessing what would come next. The characters were very young but the plot was very advanced.”
★★★★★ “This book destroyed me. So much emotion in it. This is a book with so many highs and lows. Written so very well.” -Audiobook Review
★★★★★ “This is a book that I would have never chosen to listen to on my own. But I am certainly glad I did. It was so good, I loved it.” -Audiobook Review

This novel deals with mature topics and features mildly suggestive sexual language.

Hi! You will love my book then
Do you want your paybacks set right against those who made you suffer and hate? Get your dues back with this story and learn to repay the wrongs suffered with interest
Some people get happily ever afters.

Some people don’t because they don’tknow how life’s work…

Because not everyone realizes their fate lies in their own hands.

Marilyn wishes for a better life, but every time she gets close to one, it is ripped away by those with poison in their hearts. She wishes for a knight in shining armor to come and save her from the Snakes, but when no prince comes to rescue her, Marilyn takes up arms and learns for herself how to defeat evil and injustice.





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Trusting others is the downfall of your own game. Soaring up in the sky, allowing yourself the hawk eye view of the senior year drama comprising of heart break, murder, blackmails, cheating and beyond couldn’t be better right? You are neither involved nor missing out on anything.

So Analeise Jeong thought until Nathan Yu taught her of the consequences. Two people with trust issues meeting due to a classmate’s murder being investigated and trying to remove suspicion off of them- nothing unusual.

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While living in “The Horizon” is challenging enough, Kierra Jackson has a hard time believing that the sleepy small town in Arkansas could become the number one zombie-beast destination of the world!

It all starts at the high school, McCrystal Falls when Kierra stumbles upon a string of strange events. After witnessing an odd sight in the woods, a face from hell scaring her to death, and receiving ugly phone and cyberspace threats, she knows something bad is about to happen.

She has a difficult time convincing her boyfriend Brent to help her figure out what’s going on. But in the end, she finally breaks through to him. It’s not too long before the pair realizes that a horrifying virus that destroys flesh on contact and turns its victims into hideous zombies-beasts has been let loose on campus.

They become even more mystified when an unstable teacher at the school is helping outcast students to create the mysterious virus to get back at an obnoxious crowd. Kierra and Brent discover that “The Horizon” is only a pawn in a scheme to take over the entire world.

The zombies-beasts decides to transform the citizens into the living dead so they can help turn every town into a ghost town. The only question remains is: What can two teenagers do to prevent the massacre from taking place? Kierra began to expect that there’s a possibility the town will never be the same again.



After committing a murder with her friends, Andrea’s only now regretting it. The others don’t feel guilty, and they all agree that the crime would never be solved, so they put it all behind them but not for long.

A stranger from cyberspace reaches out to Andrea, and her nightmare escalates. A shooting attempt on her life gives credence to the death threats.

After two of her accomplices turn up dead, she realizes that a killer is intent on picking them off one by one. Whoever it is that has their sights on them has to be close to her, because they know way too many personal aspects of her life. She has to make a choice: Kill or be killed, but first she has to identify her target.

The Lucky Ones

Different Worlds Will Collide

A coming-of-age story about two girls Penelope and Black Cherry, complete opposites in their own world, from two different worlds, different friends, boyfriends, that meet after a whirlwind of tragic events.

2 Girls. 1 Black. 1 White. 1 Rich, 1 Middle-Class. 1 Racist, 1 Not.

They go to the same high school and they never knew each other existed until a tragedy brings them face to face.

(Author’s Note: Born Lucky has been renamed The Lucky Ones)

Until you open the doors nothing is revealed and you are being scammed into a lie and false imagination. Do not trust anyone around you! Not even yourself! The dangerous word trust can lock you in a room full of pain and darkness.


Newly college grad Liam was just hired to write the next great Young Adult Novel for the struggling company Mid Mills Publishing.

The problem? He’s hasn’t written much in his life nor does he know a lot about teenagers.

With this new job, he and his fiancee move to Pacific City and live with his old friend Jaxon and Jaxon’s Sister Giselle. Giselle is getting ready to graduate high school. Through Giselle, he just might understand teenagers.

Winner of an award
The Grace Award, Teen Fiction, 1st Place

Title: Remembering Luke
The great tragedy of Luke’s life took both his memories and his family. Luke awakens to find out that his real family are his neighbors who gave him up for adoption at birth, and must now navigate high school and try to recover his memories while discovering who he is versus who everyone expects him to be.