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Hi, I’ve been in wattpad for a couple of years already. But I was a silent reader back then. I was hoping that I could change that and interact with other people


I have the same Problem :confused: I am thinking all day long and only a few thoughts I write down…


I have also a Problem like yours. But I have too many ideas for different books :confused: I think I have ideas for 8 books without part 2, 3, 4 and so on :confused: It gets on my nerves but I love writing so I read book for book when I have time and publish it when I am finish and completely satisfied :slight_smile:


In my first years on wattpad I also was a silent Reader and I also didn’t upload anything. But this year I started to upload different books or short stories and so on :slight_smile: Maybe I can help you on your way?


yesss I do that too bc then you have the consistent uploads


yes, than you have no stress with writing. It is easier than write a chapter and post it and next day you write another chapter and post it


yes so true!


Hey everyone! I’m 14 :slight_smile:
Something hard for me is when I get an idea that I really want to write, but I don’t know how to make a whole plot out of it. I’ve also started a lot of stories and given up halfway, but I’m determined to actually finish a book.


I used to take a notebook with me and on multiple occasions I had an idea and I could immediately write it down

or maybe something would happen to me or I would see something happen and then I’m like hey that’s a nice idea for my story


I am sure you can do it :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m writing a new story called THE UNTOLD and I would love to have some suggestions or advice. This is a completely different story and if you have a revolutionary spirit, it’s for you. Let me know (:


hello everyone :wave: nice to meet ya’ll. I hope everyone is doing well.


sure pm me a reminder and I’ll read it and say my opinion in it : )


I am thank you very much how about you?


Thank you so much! :slight_smile:


that’s great to here and im good as well thx ^~^
Just chilling atm






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