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This is a club for teenagers can be themselves. Feel free to complain, vent, make friends, talk about your problems or just talk. A place where you can talk to other around your age and just be yourself.

NO Judgement. NO limits.


I pick my skin/pimples, probably because of anxiety. I’ve gotten better then worse multiple times. I’m in the worse phase right now and my skin has a lot of scars.

I wish society wasn’t so beauty obsessed. :sweat:
How about you?:blush:


Pretty good and hey, don’t worry about all that beauty stuff. So many of my friends spend almost half an hour each morning putting on makeup. Yes, I have a lot of acne and yes, it’s annoying and I want my skin to be clear, but you have to remember, everyone has it. It’s all in the anatomy of your body.


lol who doesn’t.


so true




hey everyone! my name is gabby! how is everyone today? :slight_smile:


agreed so do i but be ureself I do




how are you?


i’m fine for the most part and u


same. im currently ditching class rn lol


lucky im in class and it sucks lol


lol that’s why i ditched, 'cause class sucks.


they’d call my dad if I were to ditch class but i’m 17 and a junior so…


LOL. i’ve ditched so many times this past week that my mom doesn’t even believe the school anymore


lol so cool have u ever talked to the program bot on here the reactions are funny and u sound like a trouble maker


no haha. what’s the program bot? also, i’m not really a trouble maker. i may seem like it, but i’m truly a good kid. i just ditch class sometimes when i’m feeling too lazy LOL


sounds like my friend raven hey can i ask u a question


that’s cool! and haha, of course