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so my friend Anna came back to school we’ve been best friends but shes been rude to me and hangs out with my crush hes trans u see? i want to know if I’ve out grown her


Hmm. Well, first of all, she’s a fucking bitch. Second of all, I assume she’s been getting down and dirty with your crush and is keeping it from you. I would suggest talking to your best friend. If she makes a hissy fit about you confronting her, dump the friendship. If she reacts in a reserved way, tell her politely that you don’t feel comfortable hanging out with your crush. I assume you don’t like that she hangs out with your crush, yeah?


i don’t but he treats me like crap although he likes me and i did confront her and she was like he doesn’t like u and then i asked him today and he said he did


hey u there or did u stop ditching class lol


he dont like u if he treats u like crap hunny. also, dump her, she a big ass bitch. also, i stopped ditching class lmfao


lol ok and thxs






how are you?


hi good and u


same ahha


what kind of stories are you writing?


good ive been here all day and talking to people do u have any idea how many people get into arguements


Dystopian fantasy and historical romance


nopee, how many


oooh that’s actually really nice, have you posted anything?


like three all in the same one i like some of those people but…


they can get too much i guess


yes theyre under wattpad and my profile name is the same plz follow


sure, we can support each other