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Today is friday so I have practically no homework. But that’s because I go to online. Except a test. I have to do a outline and research paper. But on a normal day I have about 7-10 assignments.


i have hw


Hi! I’m Ayaz. :wave: I’m 21 but think of me as a 17 year old boy. :slight_smile:


Hello guys, I’m 17 almost 18 and I feel like total shit bc I just lost a good friendship bc of s petty girl who wants to butt in all of my business and I wanna die. lol but ugh fr. Any advice?


ignore her and make new friends ure friend will come around mine did




u come from al too


Okay welcome to the club


My advice is to be happy. JUst know that an even better fiend will come. Throughout life, you lose good friends. But always next come even better friends I lost my friend Kaylee. Then came my friend Dakota and we have been friends for three years strong and I have never been happier.


AL is short for Albania actually :grin:


Thanks, my friends are shitty, some are actually not bad


I sure hope so man, I hate people sometimes


I dislike people 90% of the time.So I know how it is.


I feel sad to always get a low score on Geography :pensive:


I hate it when people you literally have nothing to do with go and say things about you, and even though you know it’s not true, you still have to deal with the fact that others do believe it’s true.


ik im from alabama


Cool! :slight_smile:


where r u from in Alabama I live in st clair county


I am from Albania not Alabama


oh sorry al stands for alabama here sorry